Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Sunday Evening

So, If any of you wondering what happens at the Nydegger household on Sunday evenings, now is your chance to interlope for a moment. Usually it consists of a dinner, one of our only dinners all week where we all sit at the table together. Harris usually leads us the discussion. You know the regular what did you learn at church etc. So much of the time is spent rambling on…and on about Pokemon, elementary school, and other things pertaining to our eight year old son. These discussions always seem to lead us to one thing:Aaron and I reminiscing about our childhood. Did you know that Aaron is a Chinese jump rope pro? O.K., now at Oakdale Elementary, where I attended school, Chinese jump rope was mainly played be girls. Yet, I guess at A’s school it was a unisex game. In fact, as he explains, his jump rope proficiency was his in with the cool kids. So, after this lively conversation, we pulled out one of Harris’s gigantic rubber bands, thanks Uncle Danny, and we played. Even more surprising than his Chinese jump rope skills, was Aaron’s memory of all the little intricacies of the game. Of course our lover of all things Asian, Harris, was enthralled. Now, I did not write this so that all my husband’s brothers could tease him. I dare say which of you is man enough to admit to knowing how to play Chinese jump rope. Yes, none. So, not only is he man enough but, he also can still surprise me after ten years? Ah, I married a man with such great prowess. For more information on CJR, visit: http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/chinese_jump_rope