Monday, May 23, 2011


Anna has this imaginary friend, Frank.  In fact, it is more like a whole gang of imaginary figures roaming our house on any given afternoon. In fact I was informed that they are my charges for the good part of the day.  So, I guess I run some sort of imaginary orphanage.  It seems anyone who is around three to six and has no bones or flesh, comes in and cozies up on the couch and watches Super Why with Anna.

Am I annoyed by the fact that Frank and crew stomp their imaginary soil on the carpet? Do I worry that  she needs more socialization, real friends with blood pumping through their veins? Do I worry when Frank tags along with Anna to the neighbor’s and when I pick her up, there are giggles behind the mom’s eyes*?  No. In fact, I encourage them to join our household. Who do you think let my children watch Harvey a few weeks a go?  A seven foot rabbit has not graced us with his presence, yet. I love it. I even sometimes go beyond playing along. Who isn’t the least bit curious about this illusive being that you serve up an imaginary bowl of ramen  or who brings out Anna’s inner tomboy?    I even become the referee when Anna and Frank disagree.  You see, Frank can be  a bit forgetful and it bothers Anna that she has to explain everything a second time.  Or maybe it is the first time, I am not sure how much knowledge he gains the the realms of the imaginary.  I don’t know how long Frank will stay, or how often he will come.  He had a long absence of 4 or 5 months yet is now amongst us, his imaginary family again.  Yet, I morn for the day he leaves.  There was a time I buckled four boys into car seats in the back of our little red car. Now John, Michael, and Robin have left us entirely with no chance of return.

For now I will bask in the constant stream of playmates and hope for new ones to pop in for a chat in a few years.  I have high hopes for Jack’s imagination.  Please don’t make him the logical one.

I f you think I have been acting a bit imaginary as well, you would be correct.  I need to promise myself to write this stuff down.

*My neighbors love Anna, they are definitely amused, but just as much as we are.