Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What we do on H's day off

Snuggle in the bed crowned with bed heads.

Dance Party accompanied by Harris's sweet moves and Anna's bouncy twirls.

Make Pirate Ships, complete with crew. Seperate ships work best.

and we are still not dressed at noon.

Thanks goes to the school district for thinking it was better for teachers to prep while I have my kids home to play.

Sorry, but it is inescapable

Yes, He needed a place on this thankful list. Jack is Back!!! Yipee!! Sorry for you not addicted souls who can't experience the high that 24 gives you after a year and half of Jack Bauer not saving us from evil terrorists. Yes, a bit trivial but I am thankful for that.


My deep Kitchen Sink has many uses.....

.......and she loves it as much as I do.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Utes

So we attended the annual BYU/ Utah viewing at my brother's house. We, the four of us, were the only ones in red. (My brother Jake, a U graduate, wore purple to maintain neutrality) Yes, we were a little out of place. The Utes scored, we cheered quietly. When BYU did, the whole townhouse boomed. So how excited were we, a minority, when our team won. I guess it is a little like being a democrat in Utah County or maybe even a Ute fan. So, go Utes and good luck!
A side note: This is the only game we watched or listened to all year. In fact, I think the last one we actually watched is the 2004 game. We are a bit of fair weather fans.

None of this in 2008.

Dads who help on Super Saturday

Bed was made.
Hair was done. (really cute too!)
Kids fed.
Anna toileting.
Basketball game played.
Kids happy.

The best part is that all though I gave you a laundry list of everything pertaining to the house and kids, especially our toilet training tot, you didn't complain. It all got done and I didn't scream when I saw the house when I got home.

Friday, November 21, 2008

A momment captured


Even if I don't show it in the moment, I am glad to help you. These are amazing pictures! I especially love that you got lost in taking them and editing them like I always do writing. You definately made our camera do spectacular things. I guess it is a good thing that we have things like Reflections contests to get us to spend time together.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Washing Machines

What is better for a
two year old
snot wiped,
peanutbutter smeared, dog licked,
garage floor dragged,
throughly loved, constantly held,
pink blanky.

"All Clean,"~Anna Kathrine Linus-ette Nydegger

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The need of boys and men to get a monthly haircut.

So, again I attempt to cut my son's hair. This is the conversation.

Boy: Girls get to do everything.
Mom: What do you mean?
Boy: Girls get to stay home,
play with the kids,
have babies.
Mom: Well, boys get to work other things. (not an exact hit huh?)
Boy: Yea, but girls can do that.

Mom has a momentary feminist thought: Yea, I can have it all. Yes, I get to do it all. Being a girl isn't half bad.

Thanks, Harris

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Yellow Envelope

I am grateful that this yellow envelope that has been sitting on my computer for two weeks, is sealed, mailed, and gone. Will they like it? Only time will tell. If not, we'll do it again, and again. I'm diving in.

Monday, November 17, 2008


What mother doesn't appreciate a little time to themselves? Putting the checklist on hold and hearing nothing? Not Barney nor Elmo. Not my sweet girl's words in need of deciphering nor my boy's amusing questions that, sometimes, take time to decipher. Not the dishwasher, clothes washer or dryer which up to a few minutes ago were all humming along. The nothing that holds everything for a moment. Who I am, where I want to be, and how I am doing. It is my secret place, seldom visited, some times hard to find, but always needed. It is not where I want to stay long, just visit frequently.

Six Miles with Anna

There is nothing better than having a cool, hazy blue sky day for my running spirit: dripping sweat not stinging my eyes, leaving at 9:30 and it still cool, and being able to run outside instead of feeling like a gerbil on a treadmill. My path gives me great views of the snow that topped the mountains last week and the colored leaves the storm graciously left me. A planned three mile run doubles quickly when these circumstances are presented. Of course, Anna in her jogger. Yet, in twelve years miss, if you want to come, you'll have to use your own feet.

Four Fish

Saturday at 7:30 a.m.:
Daddy Aaron:
"Harris wake up, let's go fish."
Harris: "You can go without me, I'll just hold you back."
D.A.: "You won't hold me back. I want you to come."
Five more minutes of bantering between the drowsy son and caring dad. Finally, the son and father leave....together.

A tug on the line.
H: "Dad, can I reel it in."
D.A.: "Of course!"

4 fish reeled in by Harris. 0 reeled in by Daddy Aaron.

The sacrifices we make, babe. The sacrifices we make.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Anna's Echoing Laugh

I am thankful for Anna's laugh echoing

through out the mall as she plays on the toys.

....and her Bouncing Blonde Curls

.....and her little toe that curls like mine.

Yea, She was worth the wait.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

School Lunch

Today was "lunch with someone grand" at H's school. I was the proud recipient of the "grand" invite. Cafeteria's always smell the same, even though most of the food is not prepared there. The routine is still the same accompanied by the same interesting set of rules. When I was in elementary school we had a traffic light to tell us if the "noise volume" was too high. Harris quickly introduced Anna and I to the rules of his school. 1. You sit on the stage steps as you wait in line, so others can pass by. 2. The card at your assigned table has two sides. When it is turned to green, you can go out to play. 3. No fancy traffic lights here, if it gets too loud the lights just go off. We sat by a bunch of extremely smart and talkative girls in his class. I love third graders. The are so opinionated even if their opinions are merely a reflection of the trusting adults in their lives. Also, at least the girls, they will tell you their who life story in the first thirty seconds of meeting them. By the time lunch was done a felt like I had four new best friends under four and a half feet. The best thing was that I might embarrass Harris when I "accidentally" give him a one arm hug, but Anna's visit is prize worthy.He made sure that she knew where to sit (in between him and me), what door to go out to recess(leading her out by the hand) , and how to act in the halls. Yea, he likes her, maybe even more than his secret crush.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hot Chocolate in my Green Cup

It is way cold today. What can get better than this?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today your memory floods my thoughts. I remember sitting on your couch just married as you "interviewed" Aaron. Two things I learned that day: How you faithfully adored Grandma, even after she was gone. How you faithfully served this country. You told us how you signed up as soon as America joined in the war. You were older than most, but knew your duty was to your Country. I lack complete comprehension of what you saw there and went through. Some of our generation reflects this lack. Yet, your honor sustains in my memory. Your deep brown eyes carried those things, declaring them to the world, bringing deeper insight, at least those of us who knew you. I suspect that Grandma saw that. Today I was bombarded by those eyes. Instead of letting today just be a speed bump between Halloween and Thanksgiving, it forced me to stop and remember you. As I help mold your namesake, I see your love of country in him as he honors the flag. Somethings don't stop at death.
~In Memory of Paul Harris Murdoch 1919-2000

Monday, November 10, 2008

Where's the pics?

Be patient..I was having a bit of trouble loading them up. Stay tuned.....

Aaron, of course

So today's post is easy. I mean how can I not be grateful for my spouse? Here are 35 things I love about you.

1. That you share the same birthday as Tracy Morgan (30 Rock). I found this out listening to NPR on the way to the gym. He's forty. I hope that makes you feel better.
2. Your obsession of always having ice in the house. Yes, I did remember to fill the ice trays today.
3. You like to fly fish and tie flies. I wish that Saturday mornings could be twice as long as they are. Plan on Saturday, babe.
4. How Anna adores you.
5. How Harris idolizes you.
6. That you giggle with me at silly things on the Office and 30 Rock.
7. That even when the missionaries call at 6:00 p.m. on a Saturday night when we have planned to watch a movie, you still go with them. You are dutiful, ward mission leader.
8.Your dimples.
9. That you constantly obsess about your hairline. Even though it is receeding, it is much slower than I expected ;>.
10. Tickles and tackles.
11. How Anna just lays on your chest and falls asleep. Its the secret daddy hold for sure.
12. You love rain.
13. Holding your hand.
14. Kissing you after my shower.
15. How you endured mowing the lawn for two summers with a broken down lawn mower.
16. That you, and almost only you, read my blog, and love it.
17. That you give my dictionaries for Mother's Day.
18. That you endure that I am impossible to shop for due to my ever-changing moods and tastes.
19. You worry about your patients.
20. How you crinkle the back of your neck every time I scratch it.
21. I always find you reading Robert Frost at the end of October.
22. Those flecks of gray in your eyes.
23. How you put up with all my need to create in the kitchen even though a plate of spaghetti suits you just fine.
24. Tigers
25. How you feel a bit sad when I take the kids to the museum or zoo during the week and you can't go too.
26. How you think I am the best dancer in the world when, the only audience I have is you, Harris, Anna and the walls of our house.
28. That you bring home the bacon, and you laughed at my silly note pad we had a few years back that stated that with a picture of a pig in a shopping cart.
29. That you sing hymns with us at FHE.
30. The side of you that wants to know more about obscure algorithms and such.
31. That you listen to me go on and on...and on about how Anna's potty training is going even though you don't need to know every detail of every trip to the potty.
32. Your love of fresh carrots from the garden.
33. That even when you got home late you would always kiss me and then go talk to Harris before you even ate your dinner.
34. You reading in your hammock.
35. I feel like this list is too short. I want to continue going. But, to stay in the theme I will stop and save the rest of my thoughts for another time. The last one is that you are you. I think of the last eleven years and I feel that I have changed, without you asking me too, into a better woman because you married me.

Love You!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday Movie Nights

Yes, we do dress for the occassion. (Kung-Fu Panda Night). Yes, we do take off Anna's blindfold when the movie starts. The movies is rated G, afterall. Best movie nights: Never a Dull Moment, Spiderman, King Kong, Any Elvis Movie, Johnny Appleseed, Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,National Treasure, Indiana Jones, Mr. Bean, Psych (I know it is not a movie but you should see our kids groove to the theme music).

Yellow Curtains

These are the curtains that greet me every morning. They hang in my kitchen. Their sunny disposition makes me smile daily. A pretty little spot where the morning peeks through the blind slats. A moment of cheery solitude, the rest of the house breathing deeply in its last phase of sleep.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dry All Morning!

Anna- is it just because I was ready to throw in the towel and plop you back in diapers that you decided you could do it? You amaze me. Don't worry, I don't mind taking you to see every potty for here to St. George even if you don't have to go. Just keep on saying "Anna toto" or "Mama potty" and I'll come running. Now on to number two. I mean that literaly.

Thankful for Twirling

What little girl doesn't like the feeling of spinning until you see stars flying with you? Your hair whips around, you create your own wind, the room spins and since you are only two plus feet off the ground falling is just insentive. What is better that I can remember what it was like to be that little girl who once twirled and now I twirl with you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Early Snow

These pictures weren't taken today but, on the real first snow day, in October. I am thankful when the first white carpet of snow lands. Even more grateful for the fun two kids with seven years between them can together conjure. Anna needs a teacher to show her how to catch snowflakes on her tongue, know the difference between fresh and old snow and know how to throw snowballs. Harris's nine years of expertise is just the ticket. Of course, finding the right equipment can be challenging. Zebra printed yellow sunglasses are great for makeshift goggles. Newness is always thrilling. It doesn't linger like the later in the season stuff, making my lawn look like a gigantic dingy grey slushie. The best part: that little snow man stayed on my lawn three days after the rest was melted.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Day

Who will you choose?

Waking up to rain outside always makes me happy. Being that it is election day, that is even better. It is an end to all the debating and slandering. According to my brother Jake, family dinners can be comfortable again. Its an end to all the dirt digging, mud splattering politics. It is a begining for some people, a restart for a few. You get to go see the hard working election officals, one always ends up being the ward grandma. The best part as each one of us gets to make a choice. Yes, I hope to always have the freedom to make a choice.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I am grateful

Since November comes during my favorite time of year and holds two of my favorite holidays, Aaron's Birthday and Thanksgiving, I decided to express my thankfulness everyday. So, three days in and I am already behind but, here are three things I am thankful for.

1. Being a mom on Halloween. My hubby that will follow a nine year old's every whim, even go all over creation trick or treating, on Halloween.

2.Everyone on the bed.

3. Potty Training. What else can totaly black out your calendar for a week, give your child so much pride. Hopefully, only a week...

4. (Bonus time). Resolve Carpet Cleaner. Refer to #3 for purpose.