Monday, April 26, 2010

Time going Slowly

How time flies! Hours, days, weeks, months seem to fly by with jet engines. There is nothing I can seem to do to slow them. Mostly I just sit back and enjoy my full life. My overflowing basket of life. I decided that if updating my blog was going to seem like a nuisance, I wasn't going to do it. Some things that are good for you do hurt, I am aware of that daily. Yet, I try to remedy those instances trying to slow my days by being there in the moment. I mean, it has been a long time since I sat down for a full day with at least two children at a time, doing what they want to do. Yesterday, I baked cookies, calmed a baby, colored paper dolls, had long jump contests, calmed a baby, walked home from church at a snail's pace, danced to show tunes, calmed a baby, and played a innovative game using the mancala board that I am still not sure of the rules. As I pulled the covers over me and looked at Aaron, exhausted and full, I had no regrets. Right now I am living what only existed in my head four years ago: busy with my children's busy lives and never-ending developments. Walking home with Anna, I realized that she would be ten before I knew it. She would want to make her own ramen noodles and organize a neighborhood football league. Maybe not the football league, although she is one durable chick. I've found myself asking where is my old life, and cursing myself for wasted moments. A nap? What's that? Yet the more I try to combat my life, mold my daily war zone, I realize that it is better just to melt with it. So If my blogs are sparse, that is why, I am melting into my and molding my young, hoping the days slowly pour by. Yet a few thoughts from that past while,

When your son casts out, catches, and reels in a twenty-one incher, you only remember his dad holding a fish nearly as big beside him at one and they seemed to be in the same growth curve. What he can handle now.
I realized Anna is grooving along with the conservative movement. She holds Tea Parties daily at our home. Want to join? Just be warned her radical protest are why she can't use real water and sugar than moving back to constitutional legislation. How I love my baby, How I love my Jack! He now reaches for me. Of course, I oblige always to his first attempts of intellectual conversation.