Thursday, July 29, 2010

Revisiting the Old Blog

I know. Its been a while. What do you do when your good writing time is barricaded by a sleeping baby. All moms agree that is precious time. That is time that is worth sending the guard dogs to lie in front of the bedroom door. So now with him sleeping more soundly I am attempting to write with out the other two barging in asking for Popsicles and calling over so and so or going this way or that. Also, why not wrap up one vacation montage when you are about to emark on another? Good plan I think. Or it might just remain with the dust in between my keyboard keys.
We ventured off after Harris was released from Fourth Grade and went on a desert vacation. This vacation planted me firmly into my role as a mom. #1 We were all in our van. Yes, I now drive a sporty red Honda Oddessy. I have enough kids that I have to yell to the back seat so Harris can make the decision between red or black licorice. #2 We had a screaming baby. I love him, I just don't like that he brings up the noise levels where ever he goes. Aaron and I were a bit afraid of getting kicked out of our first National Park because of some noise ordinance violation. #3 Several trips and searches for commodes, bear potties or discreet areas for Anna to do her business. At least she's got that covered. All in all it was a very good time. What is better than a son who every turn, found something to exclaim about, especially the bounteous lizards? It almost made me forget about the bugs.
Park Avenue is closer than you might think. Much more spectacular and it doesn't break the bank.

They love each other

See my death grap on Anna, Aaron wouldn't have it any other way. We didn't spend long at Delicate Arch, even after our hike

Sand! There was something Anna digged.

Quality reading time.

Only one of many, many lizard pictures taken by our offical wildlife photographer Harris.

All Together.

Don't Get too close, that is one big drop off.

Love a desert rose.
This dropoff is even a little worse.
I think this was annoyance at being toted all day long.
The kids worked for their supper in Mesa Verdu
Amazing Cliff Dwelling.