Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Bit of a dry spell

How do you catch up from more than a year of slacking in your blogging duties?  Maybe it is easier to leave it buried and dismiss the fact that I ever had good intentions of journaling in any form.  How do I begin to cover the events, feelings, and remember any of the cute intricacies of life being a mom brings to me? The sad things is, some of those are lost I’m sure.

I’ve watched Jack turn from a baby to a self-assured, intense little boy.  He lives his life as he sees fit, for the most part.  Anna has be come this willowy explorer of the world. We love watching her interpret new situations and confidently investigate  life. Harris. I probably could write a novel about him.  He has changed in so many ways.  If I would have know the rollercoaster of emotions I would feel raising a pre-teen, I probably wouldn’t have believed it .  All and all, he is learning his place in the world.  In fact, the world better watch out for this kind hearted, brilliant, self-motivated boy.

Then there is the baby that has been incubating in my belly for sixteen weeks.  That’s a whole set of posts by itself.  Sickness, nerves, and overwhelming gratitude has been overflowing as I await my fourth child’s birth.  It sees surreal to me. Yet, this one extra blessing keeps me wondering what I did to deserve such a full life.  For some reason that sentimental song in Sound of Music, keeps replaying in my head, “For sometime in my youth or childhood, I must’ve done something good.” A little cheesy, yes.  ( Especially the moment when Captain Von Trapp taps Maria’s nose.) Yet, that is how I feel and if Aaron and I were to reenact that seen it probably would seem odd for him to intimately tap my nose as we sang the song. 

So as I attempt to get some creative juices flowing and restart this blog, hopefully, I will be able to capture the essence of our adventures in the last year and the joy of our daily lives.