Monday, October 20, 2008

A Box

What can be said for a box? The one that has been in the basement for a year and a half and finally unpacked? The one I decide is ready to be disposed of? It is a table for playing cards, a make-shift ball pit, a sleeping place, a hiding place. There is no where better to watch shows, that you claim you don't like, with your sister. Your sister who runs when you call her name, unlike when either of her parents bekon. Who looks for "Arros, Bro-Bro" all day long. Who thinks that she must like spiderman and turns into "Super Anna" on your request. She loves the box too. I found her playing peek-a-boo with Minnie and baby, just like you were with her. NIne is not so bad, my request is you stay right where you are.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Number One Son

The only thing that could be better about today is if you were here to spend it with me. Instead you are obligated to go to school. Do you remember when we would take long walks in the fall, jump in piles of leaves? Every time your birthday comes I think of how there was sudden relief from a sweltering summer the year you were born. So, as fall has ascended, I will always think of you as that 9 pound, 23 inch baby. All boy and all ours.

I look at you now: your stretched out limbs and keen mind and I am proud. You are kind, keen, and courageous. I love how you wanted to invite everyone to your party and when the time came, you kept inviting more. I love that. I love that you see a challenge, whether it is making so many baskets in a row or getting 100% on a spelling test and you work hard. I love the determination in your assure eyes.

Don't forget that although I am not as cool as I once was, I still love you. You might need me to be silent on the sidelines, only solve problems when asked but I am glad to do my part. I might not know all the names of all the Chaotic creatures or the exact rules of basketball. Yet, I'll always try. I know this is just one quick day and a another year gone by yet, if I could, just for a moment, freeze your nine year old self I would. So I could always remember what you are right now and what dreams you hold in your eyes.

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day of Blogs

Sorry one more post:

Somedays I feel blessed. Somedays I feel put upon. Today, I feel blessed because someone else always felt that way. I vow never to let the put upons creep in. I hope you feel this way too. If not, look at this. Thanks Debbi for posting this.

For The Toddlers

So, I thought I'd post the song that is in my head and has been in my head for two weeks. Anna has her first crush: on a little red furry monster named Elmo. Yes, Elmo. You know that little guy who is always referring to himself in the first person. "What is Elmo thinking about?" or "Elmo has a new pet." O.K., so I know that he is overly popular with the three and under crowd but, why does my daughter have to join in? There was a time, not too long ago, when Mickey Mouse was a favorite. In fact, I considered that could have possibly been her first crush, a mothers dream! Yet, it can't even stand next to the infatuation that her little heart holds for this Muppet. So, I have to admit to encouraging this crush. I bought her four $1 Sesame books I found at Target. She spends much of her time talking to the characters in the books. Yesterday, as she was eating her snack, I saw her feed the pictures of Elmo, Zoe, Abby Cadabby, and Oscar goldfish. She would say "num Elmo, num Abby." or "Try it Osar." The other issue is the inconvenient time that Sesame Street comes on. 1:00, right at nap time. So, instead we get DVDs from the library, which are usually all checked out, so we get ancient videos. Also, we discovered you can find Sesame shorts on You Tube, hence the song that has been stuck in my head so, here you go everyone sing along. Pay no attention to Beyonce or the rest of Destiny's Child, they only provide the backups.

Recipe Blog

So after reading so many great recipe blogs and getting really hungry, I decided to start one with my families. It is definately in construction right know but, if you want to take a gander, go ahead. I hope this to be filled with recipes for you and me to try and love.