Monday, December 22, 2008

Joy to All

Friends, Family, and Blog lurkers,
If this is your first visit to the blog, welcome! Sit back, kick off your shoes (and socks, at Anna's insistence) and feel free to delve into our lives the past year. As I write our Christmas card genre entry, I am debating with myself whether this really counts as a Christmas Card. So I have justified my use of my blog as a yuletide greeting for three reasons:

1. If you have been waiting on the edge of your seats to know how we are read it all here.
2. We have been blessed (I am still trying to fully convert myself to this) to have many family events in December, all that you can read about here, and all that complicate the printing, finding addresses, addressing, stamping and mailing of cards. We know that you know our deep care and concern for you even with out a trivial piece of paper, right?

3. Environmental concerns, which Harris reminds us of every day, that we are doing the earth a service by having a cyber-savvy card.

If those reasons don't do it for you, just look at this pic of Anna to make you feel a bit more in the giving mood. You could have missed out on that. She really did kiss Santa. I think she has a crush on him. So, now that I feel justified, on to the more important things.

We started of 2008 glad to be in the same house with no moving in front of us or recently behind us. Fhew! The only big change to our daily routine is that Harris has gone to Hogwarts (Gifted and Talented program). It was a surprise to us to that he had wizard prowess. Luckily, he sleeps in his own bed every night and hasn't once tried to turn Anna into a toad.In fact, the only magic he seems to have mastered is a super growth potion and some sort of unliftable sleep spell. The spell somehow will only break when 10 attempts have been made at waking him up. Alarms have no affect on the spell. He also has found use for those long limbs in basketball. We have loved being spectators and his own personal cheering section at his games. It looks like he is only a half a head taller than other players this year.

On to number two who is now two! The biggest news is thatAnna is now a proud owner of spectacles. I spent all of November posting about my thankfuls but, this one has just surfaced: she actually is keeping them on! I don't know if it is because we dote on her vanity telling her momentarily how pretty she is or if it is just her angel nature. Now we all know better than this or that. Needless to say, my heart overflows daily with the joy I have been given by my children.

Moi? Other than trying to somehow relearn bits and pieces of the six years of French I took, I have been busy with the above two entries. I think I partly understand how laundry can not get done, the day can seem like 5 seconds long, and why my mom got in the habit of going to bed at 9:30. To be fair, I must divide those sentiments by four. Some how amongst all this I have found time to blog, write, sew dresses for Anna, and run a half marathon.
Save the best for last? Of course! We were all glad when Aaron switched from 4 ten hour shifts to five days nine to five, no Saturdays and no late nights. He now gladly participates in Anna's welcome home hugs, reading with Harris, and reading in his hammock. You might think he now has a life of leisure but, he still some how stays booked. Between being a dutiful ward mission leader and being the reliable enrichment night nursery guy(thanks hon!), he seems to have little time to take full advantage of his new found time. I think his wish for the New Year is more time to fish. Hopefully, we can make that happen in 2009.

Well, there you have it. We hope that all of you find joy in the season and peace in the year to come.

Friday, December 19, 2008

On This Our Eleventh Year

I will never forget the look you gave me when you saw me that day. The day that I became your wife. I don't know if it was surprise, shock or nerves but your gaze transformed me. It made me comfortable in that white poofy dress and with all the fussiness of the day. If I didn't know it that day, now I know it was what I wanted to happen at that moment right before we covenanted to be each others forever. At that moment time became eternal, your eyes transformed me into that regal woman. That woman who knew that her helpmate cherished her, loved her, saw her as she was, and saw her as his . I feel my words are lacking at describing what is in my heart. Yet, eleven years later that instance mesmerizes me. It strengthens me. It calms me.

I was thinking how there is so much that has happened between that time and now: school, children, more school, moves, wrinkles, receding hair lines, and all other necessities of life. Yet, the emotion that your eyes held at that moment has never left me. I dare say that there are times when it has represented itself. Maybe when our children were born and our joy expanded. Maybe it was just a look you give me when my hair's messy and I am not at all fancy but your eyes permeate mine. There are times over that last eleven years where that light, that eternal pause comes unexpectedly. I love discovering those glances. I stash them in my pockets with all the clever things our children say and all the family snuggles in the bed. They linger with all our car ride talks and ten second kisses. Those looks let me know that you forgive me for nagging you about cleaning up your socks and letting my frustration bubble over. We are not perfect but that look assures me that some day we will be.

To 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, and on to eternity.

Love Always.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Anna Banana Banu

So, you decided to do it against all my warnings and pleadings. You are now two. Yes, you decided that it was o.k. for you to double your age and in a year, grow a whole head of curly hair, learn to somersault, pee in the toilet (not poop) and sing, "Happy Birthday to me" all through Target. Just so you know, I hold a smidgen of a grudge towards you for this display of regular growth. How is it that you were still not walking last year at this time, and I was more than o.k. with that, and today you bounded through the snow with ease? When did you decide it was o.k. to not even let out a little sympathetic yelp when I leave you at nursery? Why did you have to learn to take your clothes off, not putting them back on, when you were just my little dolly to dress and gussy up? Now, when you want clothes on, they must match your qualifications. Clothing Color of choice: pink or yellow..maybe purple. Haven't I warned you and your brother enough that I will have to start administering my anti-growth elixir if you don't just slow down? Of my two children I though you would listen to me, my shadow. If I was to let on how much I cherish the prime seat I sit in as I watch you grow. I give up. If needs be grow at a snails pace. Just remember to always want to give your daddy a "big hug" when he comes home, always call Harris "bro-bro" and never, no never, call Pluto anything other than Bee-Bo.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


After blogging constantly in November, I took a much needed hiatus last week. Not that I don't love blogging, I do, but outside forces kept me from taking the time to sit and write. Here is what I have been doing: Cleaning up throw-up, having sparks of panic erupt every time Anna says "throw-up" and then spits in my hand (how do you explain that throwing up is not an appropriate pretend game?), feeling the permanent nausea cloud that hoovered over our house (I think it has finally lifted), Christmas shopped (sorry Dad, Jake, Walmart online saved the day), cleaned up vomited-on car seat for the second time, ran 32 laps (3.5 mi) at the gym on my birthday in commemoration of my new appointed age, had dinner, roses, and chocolate waiting on my return(I am sooo spoiled), looked at several running watches online trying to decide which one would do everything and cost next to nothing, took Anna to PCMC ophthalmology, got her eyes dilated("drops in eyes"), found out she needs pecs, went to Body Works with Aaron, spent Friday trying to figure out how to purchase said glasses that fit, won't break, and are insured, found out that Anna would much rather look at Santa then sit on his lap, went to the Festival, ran again while figuring out what to get Aaron for Christmas, finally moped my kitchen floor, went to H's last b-ball game, made gingerbread, watched Psych, made calls, went to church, constructed gingerbread house, and sat down to write it all down.

I know, I know a big laundry list is no fun to read. Yet, this is what occupied my break from blogging. Now with the keyboard chattering awayunder my fingertips, I am glad for the homecoming.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rounding it Out

Although I am a bit short on Thankful posts, I am indeed grateful that I did this. It has made me indulge in my everyday life. Whether it is Anna's cute talk and bounteous personality, Harris's wise view of the world and jovial spirit, or Aaron's constant companionship I feel blessed. Of all I have learned from this exercise one thing stands out: I like my life. It might include cleaning up too much, explaining to a uncomprehending toddler the reason why cranberry juice must stay in the kitchen, extinguishing the temper tantrum after said explanation, trying to figure out crazy third grade math problems, and letting said third grader grow up. It is all good by me because I've got it good.
For your viewing, and reading, pleasure I have included some pics and description of Thanksgiving this year, enjoy.

The morning started off with my favorite Thanksgiving Race the Cold Turkey in City Creek. Whitney and I had a great time and it was so fun. Speaking of great time, my time was great.

Then I rushed home and made my mom's broccoli, cheese and rice casserole, so Aaron could bask in the aroma of the onions and butter as he watched the Macy's Parade. Ahh, brings back those childhood memories.
No, we didn't eat him for dinner, but don't you want too? I couldn't believe this was the same baby Roy I say in the hospital.

When we arrived at A's parents, They seemed to announce our arrival by bringing out the turkey. What a beaut! The best thing about this picture is the pan that A's Grandpa welded to hold an enormous turkey, this one was almost 24 pounds (I think some of Anna's same age cousins don't even out-weigh that turkey.)

Here's a shot of Grandpa making the gravy, his contribution every year.

Anna took to Su Yoong (sp?). She also loved playing with Lania. The only thing was that their favorite game was peeking in on their same age cousin, Savy, who was sleeping and saying their best two year old whisper yells "Shh! Savy Sleepin'."

Monday, December 1, 2008

Much to catch up on

So, I will be rounding out my thankful list tomorrow. We have been a bit under the weather and have been busy taking care of each other. So I guess here is one: being able to take care of one another when we are sick. Especially when Aaron can prescribe anti-nausea meds, take over my job of subing H's primary class and keeping the ship a course.