Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Love

I love this kid. You know the day you worry because you love the kids you already have infinitely? How could equal Harris's loyalty and sweetness at the right moments. Who could be Anna? Her femininity gushing from head to toe even when she doesn't want it to? I couldn't ask for more, could I even expect more. Then there is Jack. His smiles come easily now. We understand each other. He might be fussy and have more particular tastes, but he has multiplied my love. There was I time I doubted being this fortunate, I didn't understand the meaning. I didn't understand that when they come your love grows because you are constantly doing those tedious tasks of changing diapers and figuring what exactly is need to make them content. It is not what they do it is what you do. Yet....

this doesn't hinder anything. He is almost three months and thirteen pounds,twenty four inches long. If I don't blog often it is only because I am lost in his blue eyed gaze. One that reminds me of the one I began to cherish ten years ago that started it all and made me wonder if love really could be greater than that. Yes, it can...three times greater.