Thursday, July 31, 2008


(this is the ocean in April. Do to technical difficulties, we have no Bear Lake pictures)

Anna looks outside and sees the sprinklers on. Her brown eyes give a telling smile, "wimming!'

Harris wakes up Anna as she notices me getting her swimsuit out and shouts, "yea! Wimming!"

We arrive at Bear Lake and something in her mind tells her it is time for "wimming" as she starts to pull her sun dress off but, it seems to get stuckon her chin.

We are eating dinner with my family and unrestrained Anna starts wandering down the sidewalk towards the lake. "Anna, where are you going?" I say. "Wimming," she answers.

Lemonade Boys

Apprentice for the Elementary set anyone? Take three blond boys, a 100 plus day in the shade, many thirsty costumers, overflowing,pitchers of punch and lemonade purchased from their mothers, ambition oozing all over and what do you get? The start of a booming business.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What He Said

So, I saw this on my sis-in-law's web site and thought I'd try it out. So, here's what Harris said.

1. What does mom always say to you?

Harris: stop messing around

2. What makes mom happy?

Harris: Hugs, when I listen

3. What makes mom sad?

Harris: When I get hurt

4. how does mom make you laugh?

Harris: saying how do I make you laugh.

5. How old is mom?

Harris: 32 (almost)

6. What does mom like to do?

Harris: play games

7. What is mom's job?

Harris: watching us

8. What is mom's favorite food?

Harris: salad (he doesn't know what I eat when he is in bed)

9. What is mom's favorite color?

Harris: green (right on!)

10. How do you know mom loves you?

Harris: you hug me

This might not be quite as entertaining considering he was intensely focused on a Cyber Chase he's seen 4x and he is a bit older than the intended answerer and actually knows answers. Anyway, try it out with your kids.

The almost two crowd

Anna and Harris have been blessed with lots of cousins. It is guaranteed when you parents each have seven siblings, right? So, although Harris hangs a head plus taller than the rest of his cousins on A's side, Anna finds herself with three buddies her same age. There are some draw backs, though. Grandma soon discovered having two babies for three baby-toting girls wouldn't work. So, at the family party a purple outfitted doll joined the blue and pink ones. Now all three girls had a doll to tote and now fits of raging jealousy. So with that taken care of, thank you grandma, all girls were fine.

Anna has a little friend next door, Ellie, she called her "Baby" up to a week ago and now its "E-E." We go outside she begs to see baby, I take her out of the car she jets across the lawn to see what E-E's up to. It could be said that she adores her. Yet, as soon as they are let loose in close vicinity screams thunder, tears roll, hair is pulled, toys taken away, and an all out girl fight begins. So, it is more refereeing on my part than adoring my cute little girl and her friend playing ring around the rosies and sharing. Yet, after all the trauma, the next day Anna wants to start the whole routine again.

So, we laughed all week, knowing of how well Anna 'plays' when she would repeat "La-ya," her cousin's name, constantly. Yet, maybe it was because it was family, Anna and Lania spent most of the time mirroring each other and yelling their names across the room with great adoration. Yes, and I did sit back and watch them play ring around the rosies with out one strand of hair being touched. We came close to a screaming match but, Anna was quick to tell Lania that the purple doll she was holding was "Nanna"'s and Lania decided that the pink doll she had was good enough.
Just wait until they all want the pink doll.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Freedom to March

Don't be fooled! I am not some big protester. Aaron, Harris, Anna, and I are not about to go and march up the capital steps to protest the war, teacher salaries or something like that. I love a parade but, didn't really feel like going to sitting on black asphalt soaking in the hot sun on the fourth. So, we had our own march. Aaron and Harris have been marching for years. Aaron cranks up the patriotic tunes and they march in small circles in the living room, carrying my mop and broom over their shoulders for some reason. In fact, after Harris's first experience with marching when he was two, HE and Aaron marched almost every Saturday. As this tall thin boy marched with a straight back and brave spirit, I couldn't believe he was the same boy who was so full of jubilance at the prospect of marching. Now we have new marcher, Miss Anna and boy, does she have patriotic spirit in her blood. The funny thing is that her favorite song is the Animaniac's Presidents song. She lifts her short legs so high I was a bit afraid she would fall down with each step. The best part is that we can do this, of course in the privacy of our own home. It seems with all that is going on right now it is hard to find that little peaceful place that freedom can create. Yet, as my children and husband paraded around my living room I found myself in that safe place.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tagged, again

Thanks Jen, I hope that others will follow suit...5 names hmmmmm.....

The rules are as follows:
List 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 Goals, 3 Current Obsessions, and 3 Random Surprising Facts About Yourself.
Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.
Here goes...

3 Joys:
Anna running to see Aaron after work as soon as she hears the garage door open yelling, "Daddy! Daddy! Tickle!"
Everything Harris.
Sitting on the back holding Aaron's hand and looking at the stars, talking about nothing in particular.

3 Fears:

This morning while I was running I went across some train tracks the the warning lights and bells announcing a train came on. Of course, I jetted off them but now I have a bit of a fear of being hit by a train, maybe more then being bitten by a dog.

Black widow spiders, like the one I saw sauntering from under our bed when we lived in University Village.

I am a bit afraid that some of the ground beef in my freezer has e-coli. I got a warning on my sales receipt that some of the beef from Smiths could be contaminated between 5/02/08 and 7/03/08. I am sure I bought beef at that time and have already used half the package. So far so good though.

3 Goals:

Run the Great Salt Lake half in August hopefully under two hours, that is a bit of wishful thinking

Finish three dress for my sis-in-law's wedding and have them fit perfectly on three toddlers.

Beat Aaron and Harris in Scrabble.

3 Current Obsessions

Blogs. What more is there to say?

30 Rock. Well, know that we have watched both seasons we are a bit out of luck.

The Clearfield 5K results. O.k. so I finished fourth in my age group but beat out all the runners in the younger one and all except first in the one after that. Go figure. No blue ribbon for me.

3 random facts.

I love random facts.

I have a metal rod in my back and Aaron likes to tell our children that I am a robot. No joke. I think Harris partially believed that up to a year a go.

I split a banana every day with Anna. It is our ritual.

Enough about me, now it is your turn Debbie, Jenny H, Jenni E, Juliann, and Debbie D. have fun.