Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost a Decade

Dear Son,

I have to apologize for telling you to act you age. You do and you do it very well. You are very good at pointing out when I mix up words or when my grammar isn't spot on. As all nine year old boys do, as I am told, you are excellent on taking things literally. I might tell you to wait a second so you count to one and then insist that you have waited the allotted time and are ready to be served. Yet in all that nineness I am glad you can now be home for a short while. I will restrain from smothering you in kisses when you make an airplane out of an upside down picnic table for your sister. Sometimes you might forget to use the volume switch on your voice, I know it is hard to do when Indiana Jones is about to discover the secret treasure. No matter what dirt, grime, and grease is on your skin and clothes it is you that I am thrilled to see. So, go on and be nine for, in a few years I'll wish you back where you are now. It is twelve I really fear.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm back

So I am back. It might of seem that some how my new adventure in gestating has torn me from my blog. In truth, it did. I was sick. I was tired. As soon as I saw the end of the nausea roller coaster, I got a cold. Yes, my nausea gave a welcome wave goodbye, and in marched a sore, raw throat and a sinus infection. Luckily I was on the mend when we headed off to California last week. So, feeling a surge of energy returning I felt ready to spend two days in the car, and two more days at Disneyland. So some of you know, this is not the first time that maternal bliss has graced me when at the Magic Kingdom. Three years ago the little girl I waited an hour and half to see princesses with, was in my womb. It is fate. If my family, my extended family, plans a trek to Anaheim include a little fetus tagging along in my belly who must be apart of the action. Knowing how much Anna loved all the sights, sounds, and friends at the Park, all seemed to make sense to me. If you are born into my family, have my parents as grandparents, and my mom's parents as great-grandparents, you must love Disneyland. It is a true and verified equation.

Whenever I go to California I think of them, my grandparents, and our many trips to see them. The long hot car rides, broken down air conditioning, Billy Joel and the Beach Boy tapes all swarm to my memory. We would swim in their pool and drink orange juice from the carton. The orange juice being significant because when you come from a family of ten, orange juice is only served on special occasions and in concentrate form. Yet to me, it was just a California thing. I think of them re-living our trips to Disneyland with us the day after our visit. They lived few miles from the park but, our experiences seemed to refresh their excitement for the magic that Disney holds. So, as we sat eating cupcakes, we really did this, for my nephew's birthday near their grave sites, my mom phrased it right, you could see Grandpa sitting in a chair just watching the action with his clear eyes and big smile. I couldn't help but place them in the same spot in heaven watching us that week, so proud of their progeny. Proud as they always told us they were. Sometimes I wish that David Harris and Anna Katherine could have known the lines where their names originated. Yet, as I watched the joy that they held, I knew that part of them knew what it all meant.
So if you care to divulge further after my personal mutterings, here is a bit of a photo journal of our trip.
"Be-bo," Anna, and Harris. She wouldn't move from that spot.
Harris's traditional Sword and the Stone Picture, with the addition of a sister that had to be part of the action.
Go figure, Anna gives Mr. Incredible a big hug and then is hesitant about hold his black glove.
Handy Mandy, we didn't know until we went to CA. Yet, now he graces all conversations. This one's for you Anna.

So we are a bit backward, my blogger skills aren't up to par. This is on the Mark Twain on the evening of the first day. Both kids fell asleep, before we left the Disneyland Parking Complex.

Our one family photo. Also, the first picture where baby 3 is trying to get in the action. So Soon. Really?
So Anna decided that these rocks were worth visiting. Also, dancing in the way of foot traffic was essential.
Belle, after a rousing conversation about Tinkerbell with our own little princess.

On the Jungle Cruise with Peter and Uncle Brady. Note: the Jungle cruise was the best capture attraction. Aaron was a bit picture happy.
Anna rode the carousel three times and probably could have many more.

Another long wait to capture this lasting Memory. Tinkerbell, Anna, and another Fairy whose name slips my memory.
Oh Minnie, this hug is worth the half hour wait. Really!

Anna and Cousin Levi. I think they might be thinking about the hefalumps too. A bit daunting for the toddler set.
Anna's one wish, other than seeing Minnie Mouse, was to ride Dumbo, here is me, my mom and Anna.
Anna with one of her maps, in their ingenious shirts Aunt Ishuan designed.

Look at the joy on Harris face that he is posing with Goofy. Pure joy. Despite her turned head, Anna was in heaven.