Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where have I been?

I must apologize for my lacking lately. Yes, I decided I need to pay a little more attention to my blog. I think it is beginning to feel neglected. O.K. so, I thought I'd up date you on what is happening in the Nydegger world. I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats ready to dive into our lives from the past couple of months. So from youngest to oldest:

Anna, Mama, I'm a big girl now, Nydegger

Anna is now a month and a half past her 1st birthday. She is so much fun, I have to admit. Much to my demise, she started walking this past week. She caught on fast and the days of siting still in church are over. Most of the day she wanders around the house with a collection of things in her fists. She is also fond of the toilet and things that you lift up the lid and put things in (especially the toilet. She adores Harris and also goes around the house looking for "bro-bro." Her favorite part of the day is definitely when we go and get him. She giggles, whoops and hollers the whole way to his school. She is miss independent but also seems to freak out if I leave the room..go figure.

Harris, busy as can be, Nydegger

Harris is one busy kid. Between basketball twice a week, school, cub scouts, and whatever project he has put together for himself and his friends he has little time left. Of course he is the tallest kid on his basketball team, he is at least a head taller that all the other boys. The dads and coach have anointed him the center of the team and have been teaching him all the tactics of being a good center. A quick story: Harris got his bobcat a few months ago and was carrying it around and lost it. I guess that is a less for both of us. Harris needs to leave his badges in one spot and I need to sew them on within a week after he gets them.


So what can I say? I've been busy with the usual. I should just draw a big up arrow to let you know what I've been up to. Maybe that is why my blog has become a bit lacking. Also, I was just called as the enrichment leader in Relief Society. To all those who have had this calling: yes, I am a bit stressed out. Right now I am trying to get organized and plan the big March RS birthday party. Also, with the piles of snow and roads of ice I have become a gym rat and learned that with good tunes, treadmills are a semi-o.k. substitute for the great outdoors. O.K. not really. I am hoping for a thaw soon. All the years we have prayed for more moisture and this year I think our prayers have been answered. Is it right to ask it for it to stop? Ignore my selfish ramblings. I'm not going crazy yet.

Aaron, our wonderful provider, Nydegger

I love my man! HE is so wonderful. It seems that he works way to hard just to provide for our family. Right now his schedule is a little crazy as a baby step towards transitioning to his 9-5 new clinic has started. He is working on day at IHC Neighborhood clinic (new job) and three, sometimes 4, at IHC North Temple. A bit crazy bit we're hanging in there. He is also biding his time until the sun comes out and he can try out his new fly fishing stuff. I have to say, just watching him tie flies gets me excited for spring and I haven't ever fished. There is something classic and wonderful about watching him do this. I can't wait for him to be able to try it all out.

Well, there you are a quick update. I hope you love the pictures we've posted. I promise to blog about all my rantings and ravings a bit more consecutively.


StrykerLOVE said...

finally! its good to read about the fam - Aaron must be SO busy even more these days..... hope it evens out soon - going to try for my first run Feb 5 - let you know how it goes (that's next tues)

matt and jenn said...

Kari, I love reading your writing! You are so talented. Yeah good luck with the enrichment leader thing! That was really my favorite calling, just busy. If you need any ideas, let me know. I've been put back in the primary, again! see you soon