Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is it Spring Yet???

Yesterday morning I was dumbfounded when I woke up to go run outside, too little of time to go to the gym since Aaron had an early meeting, and saw snow. Not just a little but enough to make our whole neighborhood look like a winter wonderland. So, a little depressed, I climbed in bed and hibernated for another short hour. I think the worst part of this whole spring snow thing is that Harris is off-track and we or he has very little to keep him occupied. The good news is that he has been reading a lot of Harry Potter 7 and the bad news is he is going to finish, if this weather keeps up, in the next few days. What will I do with him then? Hopefully, it will warm up and we can go on trips to the park and all other sorts of fun outdoor activities. I once started a children's book about this topic, when it literally snowed on the first day of spring. I outlined all kinds of things you can do inside to make it seem like spring. Funny thing is, I decide to pick up that project recently and it made me a little depressed. Inside picnics and filling the kiddie pool in the basement seems like just a big mess and a bit unrealistic. Remember those years when it was seventy degrees at this time of year? There was nothing better than when all the kids emerged from their apartments at the university when the playground had thawed. I just hope (do I hope) that our mild season of cool (not cold) morning runs and light jackets to the park doesn't pass. Anyway, here are a few pictures of our spring so far.

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Ah she has hair! Cute Cute Anna - love it.