Monday, July 27, 2009

July debriefing

Just to inform you all that we have be busy with many things. Maybe not overly busy. Maybe just busy enough that blogging has reached a record low. We are enjoying sleeping in and not having much of a schedule to the day. My belly is blossoming and #3 seems to enjoy its roominess. Yet, we have found time to do a few things in our spare time.

This little girl will keep her title as princess of the house as we found out that The baby that resides in my middle is a boy. We are all excited to see him in December. He seems quite content in his current accomidations and is even grinning at the fact.

We did some of this to reminisce. Harris opened a detective agency in our garage. He'll solve any case for a dollar a day. So far it hasn't been too lucrative. Also, he is now taken all decisions on his under clothing. Boxers have found their place on the back to school shopping list.

Goatee anyone? Jury is still out on that. Got to love the vanity though.

We marched and ran. Harris ran his second 5K with me and did great.

That concludes our monthly debriefing with high hopes to getting back to weekly ones. Just remember boy, beard and boxers and all is well.


Debbi said...

1. yay for summer and lack of blogging!
2. yay for another boy - and healthy!
3. I want to come up with a mystery for Harris - and I was walking by the undies the other day wondering when they start asking for boxes, now I know...
4. I say go for the facial hair, but I'm a fan - I've never seen Wade without his in the 10+ years I've known him

Debbie D said...

Sounds like you've busy having a fun summer. I'm glad your pregnancy is going well. As for the facial hair, it looks good. Downside: Fuzzy kisses :( I wish Kelsey would go for boxers, those girls panties can be too scanty sometimes. Shop carefully.