Friday, January 15, 2010

So I had a lecture

So I was telling Aaron about Anna using perhaps and actually in the same conversation the other day and he kindly scolded me for not recording these funny things she does or Harris does or Jack does on my blog. Just so you know I should be back. Six weeks right? Yet the doctor declared me 90% healed and able to resume regular activities. So I guess the blog is included. I have missed it. I want to wittly plunk out the liveliness of our household. We are buzzing, don't let me make you wonder. So maybe that is why this blog has been to a near state of abandonment. Three kids. Yea, let me dispel the myth, that I told myself day in and out for nine months, three, no matter the spacing, is an adjustment.

So as I learn to juggle with one new ball in the mix, I will try to throw in a blog entry now and again.

I did blog about Jack. Oh, what a third child is he, month and a half later it gets finished and posted. I relish the thought that this tardiness is because I am preoccupied. That is what I want right now.

So I will begin to play catch up or maybe just resume. Only time will tell.

Things good about the past month and a half (in no particular order):


Anna and "Lady" and the Frog. This is why I have a girl. Who sometimes would rather be the prince or Buzz Lightyear. Love her.

Harris and the Bees: Spelling and Geography. If there was a big brother bee he would have won it hands down, I'm sure.

DDR, if you don't know don't ask. Thanks to a husband who understands his wife's weird requests. Nydegger dance parties have never been the same.


Debbie D said...

Glad to have you back for a bit. I'll take you WHENEVER I can get you. Jack is absolutely darling. And the picture of all your kids is adorable. So, so happy for you. Enjoy your little guy.

Jennymommy5 said...

Kari, I missed you! Your baby is so adorable! I just now noticed your December update. Anna looks so much like you...only with blond hair. I wish I could come for a visit and see your new little one.

Jenn said...

love it and kate got it for her bday, mostly for me!