Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Pretty Princess and Her Puffs

So, as you might know Anna was born big but seems to have just stayed the same. She decided to take a slide to the bottom of the growth charts at six months and stay there. She did give us a bit of a scare but, we soon found out that she was just hungry. Now, she is slowly climbing back up to where she belongs. I still get comments from complete strangers on how delicate she is. Whether it is because of her extremely narrow feet or the way she flutters her little fingers, I don't know. She's just Anna to me and I welcome the little fat rolls that are forming on her thighs. Isn't that what all girls want? Anyway, with all this fuss over her gaining weight, we learned that she adores Gerber puffs. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, little Cheerio-type cereals made from fruit and vegetables. I didn't have much of a knowledge of these things until a couple of months ago. When Harris was little they weren't to be found. Now, I am an expert on all the different varieties (sweet potato, corn, blueberry, apple cinnamon, and the ever exotic peach-mango), the generic brands, and the nutrient value. Anna loves them! She sits in her exer-saucer, for those with children born before 1995: a walker that doesn't move, and asks by hitting the little snack tray that is provided. She has good pinching skills and can quickly fill her little mouth with them. She can quickly go through a mountain of them then pants for more. Today, I put her down with some and you would think I was feeding her a hot fudge sundae other than almost tasteless morsels. I am astounded as me petite girl devours these treats. You wold think she would be gaining weight..lots of weight. yet, as I discovered, ninety puffs have only 25 calories. So, Anna eat a way. You have found the snack of the gods.

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