Saturday, September 8, 2007

Rolling along with My Man

Aaron and I have a new past time. We have found it. Exercise we can do together. Remember in the nineties when all you wanted to do was go and roller blade with some cute guy at Liberty Park? It seemed like the perfect date and everyone was doing it. Well, my dream has now come true. After several attempts of trying coerce my huby into come run with me, my injured knee, as of late, gave us the opportunity to skate along together. I started to go alone, with Anna in the jogger, but I wore Aaron's skates which were a little big and a bit heavy. So, last Wednesday Aaron and I slipped into D.I. and bought me a pair of proper fitting skates...along with a few books and part of Harris' Halloween costume. A quick side note: Aaron always ends up with "a few" books when we go to D.I., we are lucky if we get out with just three. Aaron: I love you, my book worm. So, we went do to one of my favorite running paths in Davis County and skated. I'm sure it was a little interesting watching us figuring it all out. Between adjusting skates and Aaron forgetting which feet his skates go on, it took a bit to get going. Yet, the crowning event was when Aaron agreed it was fun and suggested we go again, soon. We did! I love this time of ours. It makes me feel a like a giggly teenager with my boyfriend, despite my fear of little rocks, my lack of balance, and our nine month old chaperon. I have learned a lot about my sweet husband and even what a locust was. Who would have guessed that flying grasshoppers, you know the ones with butterfly wings are locusts. Not only that, but there are actually locust here and not just in the holy land. Who would have thought. I am so glad that I have him to expose me to the insect world and to skate with. Thanks, Aaron.

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