Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Basket, Basket, Basketball

I guess the biggest highlight of our weeks lately would have to be Harris's Wednesday night basketball games. Harris's season started like all the rest, he being a good six inches taller than all the players and trying to get his long limbs to respond as he wanted them too. It seems in the year since he played his growth stunted his skills. As we watched him the first game, be dribbled around by a kid a foot shorter than him, we wondered if this season might be the last for our good old Harris. Yet time passed and at his last game last night the dad's on the sidelines were yelling "pass it to Harris." Yes, he finally mastered his height. I still don't know exactly what bit him about four weeks ago, but, he all the sudden became a force to be reckoned with on the court. I'm sure it has something to do with Aaron working with him, I have to give all the credit to a wonderful encouraging dad.
Yes, I think maybe his height is starting to give him an advantage. As we watch his long legs carry him down the court, his long arms keep the opposing team from scoring, and his effortless rebounds, I have to say I am one proud mama. I was so sad that the season was over. Yes, as all you parents know, driving kids to and from practices and games sometimes can be a bit of a hassle, but there is nothing that brings us, as parents, greater joy than seeing our kids succeed. I love to see him smile when he makes a shot and I also love his tough face, wrinkled forehead and intense face. In fact, I love that nothing can distract him when he is playing. One thing I have learned is how tough my son is. There have been times when the mommy in me wants to go down and pick him up when he falls or make sure there is no goose egg where the ball hit him in the forehead, but I am glad I refrained. His ability to shake it off and keep playing stunned me. It seems like only yesterday that falling on the wood chips would send him to my side to make sure there were no splinters. Now, I am only there as a spectator to cheer him on.

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