Friday, February 22, 2008

Growing Up

So, I just read my friend, Jenni Evan's Blog about her little Lily. Little Lily, the girl who is now around six and when I first met her used to be my Anna's age! Which means my boy who was almost three is know eight. Of course I know my son's age but, all the sudden it hit me how fast kids grow. This week I witnessed Anna's first temper tantrum as we passed the cookie jar and she pointed to it eagerly. The only problem was that it was 7:30 in the morning. So I said, "Not now Baby," and she let out a booming scream and flailed backward as I tried to strap her in her high chair. I know she is still our baby and still loves to be rocked and cuddled but, I am not ready for this. Why is it children have to grow up so fast? The other thing is she has decided to physically grow fast. I no longer have to find a way for her pants to stay up, or fish for her little hands in the sleeves of her coat. We have had more then one comment about her "filling out," and although I am relieved she is healthy and has a place on the growth chart, I feel a bit sad my baby is now a toddler.
I have to say that that is not the least of it. My son who is a head taller than any one on his basketball team and has feet almost as big as mine, makes me proudly sorrowful. How is it I can still hear him say peepy-oni and picture him playing superman on the swings? Now he can correctly pronounce his favorite pizza topping, adding sausage to the mix, and sees how far he can jump from a swing at it highest point, scaring me. He is such a good boy and has really turned out nicely but, couldn't he go in slow-mo? I've threatened to feed him a no-growth elixir but, he laughs and says "you know there's no such thing." You see, his faith is wavering in the effect of magic potions.
I guess this is part of life those sweet bundles grow way to fast. Their legs and arms expand and worlds get bigger. I guess I should feel lucky that I've been there as these transformations have come to pass. Harris is such a brave and beautiful soul and Anna is so loving and lovable, what more can a mom ask? I know there nothing more I can.


StrykerLOVE said...

delete that first comment right away Kari - its spam and a 'virus' of sort so get rid of it -- we had something like that too some months ago. Anyway - I agree with you about anything time move fast!

StrykerLOVE said...

ps great pic of your kids

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