Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things I find in Harris's Pockets when Doing Laundry

This list is not an extensive list of all I find week after week in Harris's pockets. So visit back frequently to get the whole picture. I'm hoping that all the clues in his pockets will help me decode him. If he leaves me clues don't I have reason to investigate? (Also, scroll down and read my other tribute to Harris: Basket, Basket, Basketball)

Legos (an assorment and variety including people's heads etc.)
A crayon
Pokemon cards
a pencil
his Bayton Powell Award
Goldfish Crackers
two shiny rocks
a pencil
three fruit roll-up wrappers (from the three lunches he took last week)
various rubberbands
wood chips
2 pennies and a dime
unidentified pieces of plastic whose purpose is unknown

1 comment:

StrykerLOVE said...

hey kari - what's happening! I need to call you so we can go on a run/walk. I am slowing starting. It will be a sacrifice for you since you don't need to do that walking part. But you can do it for me. Lol at the list - Harris what a character!