Friday, February 20, 2009

Maybe I should run away

FYI: I got a code yellow at Kohl's yesterday. One hopeful thought that spring must be close if the already are selling capris and that little escape artist, who would have much rather been home in her lamby slippers broke loose from her strolling prison, belt and all, and was off. Me, and the full Kohl's staff bushwhacked our way through the racks for which seemed like 3 hours, but only ended up to be five minutes, when here she came prancing down the slick white tiled aisle holding some other little girl's grandma's hand perfectly content. The grandma probably was some other little girl's mother and had gotten a Code Yellow too. I folded her in my arms and then she said, "Let go home now," hoping I had learned my lesson.


Covington Sensation's said...

OH NO! I'm glad you found her! Did you get any good buys?

Debbie D said...

I so totally LOVE Kohls. Don't feel bad, we once had IKEA in a lockdown-nobody out, nobody in, with my girls. It was a little scarey, but hey, they'd been gone for 20 minutes and my mind was going to all sorts of ugly places. I NEVER want to go through THAT again. It's just one of those parenting badges we earn, right up there with being peed on and thrown-up on. It's inescapable. Cheers!

Jenn said...

oh scary, i'm sorry that is no fun! its crazy how we get so panicked, i've actually lost sight of my kids at kohls too, the racks are just so packed in!