Monday, February 2, 2009

Why I Love Date Nights

1. I don't have to bring my ten gallon bag with me. Extra changes of clothes, tissues, and Ernie squeaky books can stay with the sitter. A compact purse dangling on my shoulder or wrist suits me just fine.
2. I actually can put on lipstick for someone who cares more than the grocery clerk what I look like.
3. I don't have to worry about if the restaurant has cups with lids, detailed kid menus, yellow and pink crayons, and something with out onions on it.
4. My son is nine, so my two year old daughter actually has two babysitters. My worry meter gets to go down a slight degree.
5. We practice the art of witty and enlightened conversation. Although, we sometimes slip and start talking about our facinating kids who are just omnipresent, even on date night and that's o.k.
6. I get to hold Aaron's hand for more than five seconds during a movie when usually we must release or lovers' grasp to make sure our daughter isn't pulling the ladies hair in front of us.
7. I get to feel like, the Queen of Sheba, Audrey Hepburn, and the Queen of England when doors are actually opened for me. (Side Note: Aaron and Harris both open doors for me when they are in my company. But, when you aren't trying to get a two year old from hanging limp from you clasped hands, it is a treat.)

And sometimes, after the kids go to bed on a Saturday night and it is a bit late, say, past 8:30 p.m., it is fun to snuggle in bed and watch Move Over Darling. The whole time, remembering that night on our honeymoon when we watched another Doris Day flick and only to mention it the next morning to know your thoughts were aligned with mine. Those are the best date nights.

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