Thursday, March 11, 2010

And We have it...maybe a bit premature

For four nights now little Jack has slept through the night. Oh the joys of uninterrupted sleep. I feel like praising him, putting chocolate in his milk, Anna's convinced if I drink chocolate milk Jack will get to enjoy the pleasures of our shared favorite beverage. This is what I plan to do with all my extra energy:

1. Actually really start training for Ragnar...none of this lack of sleep excuses. 5, 5, 9 twelve hours a part? I better get crackin'.

2. Maybe clean my house, just maybe.

3. Finish all that basement painting and paint Harris' old room in Jack colors: slate blue and mossy brown: infantile masculinity. Did I just make that up.

4. Try to revive my funny bone and get rid of this writer's cramp thing. There is too much going on to be injured in any form.

5. Yoga. See number one and four.

Love this kid. Oh, have I said that already?


One Cluttered Brain said...

oh. He is beautiful. Good luck getting everything done that you would like to.

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Aaron said... think? YOU JINXED IT...THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

In case anyone else reads this comment, Jack has thrown fits every night since Kari posted this...(and all day).

Jenn said...

oh shoot, I read aarons comment about the sleeping being not so great lately! sorry! I hope it gets better and you have energy to run, run run!