Monday, March 1, 2010

So is it really March?

So as we leave the short in days but long in grayness month and enter the manic month of March, I am aghast that it has been three months since I had Jack. I love this boy,Aas so posted again and again. Our house sometimes may look like it rains toys daily in our living room and I sprinkle an extra helping of dust around. I must blame this on the construction zone that used to skillfully conceal the games which Anna would play that are only recognizable as orderly to herself. Yet if dust and toys is what I have to put up with, so what.
Because every day Anna asks if Jack is ours. Yea, he definitely is.

Patch Anna is almost no more. Finally after surgery and almost a year of patching she is using both her eyes equally. I felt like shouting a rip roaring holler when the doctor told us. Anna literaly hollered when I told her the latter. She is one awesome patient, all the staff remember her by name when she comes in. I know they have charts, but in her case of cuteness, they are just a mere formality.

Less than a year of cubs left, so sad. Maybe it is because I don't have another directly following but, I have enjoyed it. The corny jokes and all the rambunctious doings of real boys. Eight more years and we will be there again. Harris and his friend made this for the Blue and Gold. I thought I'd have to do it all, but the creativity that these two showed made it definitely an afternoon to remember.

With three comes imagination. It has been fun to see where Harris played superheros and cowboys be replaced by tea parties and little mommy by Anna. Every mommy needs one little girl. I'm glad I have mine.

So march on March, I won't delay you. I can't wait to see if you go out like a lion or a lamb and what each day in between holds. Hopefully runs outdoors with my two of my tots in toe. Park outings and feedings ducks filling up our mornings. Also I want to see Harris perfect that ripstick that has spent so many days in our garage. More Blogging, you ask? I'll see where it fits in.

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