Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little down and out

This week we've had a touch of infection at our house. My stomach wouldn't settle yesterday. So I ignored the fact and went on making princess crowns and changing diapers, avoiding food smells. All day long all I wanted was Diet Sprite, I am just now enjoying chilled sips of it. So, when Aaron stumbled in the door at 9:00 last night I declared that I would be sick until I went to bed and he was in charge. Of course, they all were down, except Jack who Aaron quickly bundled and Paul Simon lulled him to sleep. Mr. Simon, you were right, it had been a "long, long day."

After quick inquiries about our day apart, I feel asleep only to be awoken by a wheezy girl. Who, hours ago was perfectly content to hang her crown on her headboard and snuggle down with pink blanky. Aaron took charge, those student loans were worth it, and sat with her outside until the croupy cough ended, oxygen flowing freely in and out. He then rushed to grab her meds. I sat with her blond curls tickling my chin. All I could think was of how she was planning a bike race tomorrow with her bff next door and they would wear their crowns she'd constructed. She probably was planning on a banana Popsicle or two as well. Now she would be tired and a bit out of sorts.


Debbie D said...

Oh that is so sad. I hope you all get to feeling better soon :) *hugs*

joe said...
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Rolly said...
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