Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Three Things on a Tuesday

1. I am grateful for Aaron. I am a spoiled brat and he knows it. Yet, in that he finds ways to humble me by loving me. He sits with fussy Jack on his lap during ALL meal times he is home. He deals with or ten going on fourteen year old in great humor. He gives Anna all the Daddy attention she needs. In all that he finds ways to make sure he still shows is affinity for me. He loves me mind, body and soul. Certain I am of that.
2. The way to peel the prickles of a tough ten year old boy is to give him a baby. Everyone needs a brother, even if he is ten years your junior. Also, don't let him drive you around in a go cart. Just don't.

3. With all the ebbs and flows and right out spikes in in my life, I am grateful it is mine and that my daughter, even though it is a bit concerning, sits her entire dance class on my lap tapping her toes. She may never do that again, but its o.k. right now. It really is.

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