Monday, January 10, 2011

And now to say Adieu, 2010

Basements and babies. Those two things seemed to fill 2010. Now the basement complete and the baby, well, I deny he is growing up. A week ago he lay on my chest in the early hours, and his big sister took up Aaron's. I could see their backs lift and fall with breathing a sigh escaping once in a while in that full bed. It is nice to be full and not bloated. I laid there satisfied after a feast of a year. Full and glad to see what preparations we can make for this year. Little goofy but, that's how I like them.
Partying princess style

Looks like we made it!

General Sherman came in November for a brief stay. I was surprised to find out his whiskers were drawn on.

Halloween Folks! Come join our wild west adventures.


Here's proof of my child prodigy.

Loved Arches despite the bugs and heat.

Splish, Splash, Anna loves to dance. Sorry rhyming isn't my forte

Love him.

This will scare the boys away.

Montana skies and my men on horseback.

Smallest cowboy, cutest in the west..and north, south and east.

Wrangling kids @ Timpanogos Cave. I spend lots of time wrangling

A little retro-chick for Anna.

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Aaron said...

Oh, are you still bogging? We did have a good year, didn't we?