Monday, January 17, 2011

A Response to a kind Commenter

Yes I am back to blogging. I realized with are my intermittent absence, all my resolution to return, it really didn't change much. I would go about my day, with the thought that all that I am breathing, seeing, doing, should be spelled out. Not for others but for myself. Then I would quickly shove those feeling in the back cavern of my head to keep company with triathlon training, getting published, and doing my children's baby books (which are so covered in cobwebs and dust will take a lots of gentle nudging to get out.) So I would go a week or month changing diapers, figuring out biography projects, and putting on princess dresses on Anna, content and fine. Yet, none of that has found a spot on this blog. So in response to the one who knows me best, I am here and ready to pump the life back into this blog. We need the Elvis Dance Parties and trips to Wheeler Farm. More than not, we need not to forget our good life. We need to drown ourselves in it. To the rest of my quaint readership: I am back.
By the way, posting a picture, let alone letting someone take a picture of me solo is really out of character. What does this say? Not exactly sure.


Debbie said...

I LOVE the picture. You are so beautiful. Glad you're back :)

Aaron said...

You look so lady-like when you ride side-saddle.