Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Things Not to Forget

There is something about going on family vacation that makes you appreciate life more. I had forgotten this. Yes, I remember the long drives as a kid and the arguments over who sat where in our big blue van and who was trespassing on who's seat room. Yet, I will never forget how close I felt to my family afterward. We would do all kinds of things to commemorate the vacation. I think we didn't want it to end. As I remember these fond memories, I am so glad to experience it with my family as the mom. This past week my children have seemed so precious to me. First of all, I think all husbands should get a week off every couple months. Not to sound spoiled but, what isn't better to being able to have your best friend with you 24/7? Some of you might say this is overkill, I might have said that before this past week, but there is nothing like waking up next to Aaron, spending the whole day together and then going to bed at the same time. I also miss Harris terribly when he is at school. The house is way to quiet. I miss all his jabbering about Pokemon or Chaotic or whatever the new craze is. I miss his keen observations and his jokes involving plays on words. Anyway, all these thoughts have brought me to one conclusion: there are oodles of things I never want to forget. I think that is what blogs help us do: capture and store fleeting thoughts and memories. So, if you will indulge me for a moment, I have complied a list of things I really hope never to forget.

1. My name (it could happen...Harris already accuses me of not responding when he calls me

2. Harris calling his friends 'dude' and saying 'sweet'

3. Harris saying peppy-oni

4. Harris calling a candy necklace a "Paul Simon" when he was two

5. Anna's two-step dancing

6. Anna singing Baby Bumble Bee and emphasizing 'ouch'

7. Harris getting baptized

8. Harris's mis-matched button job on his scout shirt

9. Anna saying "night, night" and blowing me a kiss

10. Anna calling Ellie next door 'baby' and demanding we need to go see 'baby' every time we are outside

11. Anna seeing baby cousin Avery for the first time

12. Anna stealing Harris's corn bread

13. The things I find in Harris's pockets

14. Family Dance Parties

15. Harris on California Screamin'

16. Harris holding Anna for the first time

17. Anna exclaiming "bro-bro, bro-bro!" all the way to get Harris from school

18. Harris's tea party for Anna

19. Hiking after a rainstorm

20. fishing in Idaho, Falls Creek Falls

21. Idaho (it really can be memorable.)

...to be continued


matt and jenn said...

I do love blogs for that reason because I feel like I should add something about weekly or so and that forces me to think and it will be nice to keep these memories of the little things!

StrykerLOVE said...

good list Kari. I also love hearing Ethan use 'slang' words he picks up from school. but they say it so innocent and sweet - its hard to imagine them being the ironic callused teenagers they one day will become (oh never that please!!) Once again Anna is so adorable. Good that you are capturing the moments.

The Peacock Family said...

Hi Kari! I came across your blog...somehow! How are you guys?? Harris & Anna are so beautiful! I can't believe how big Harris is. Hope you guys are doing well!!