Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm a Big Girl Now

So this week I've realized how big Anna is getting. She climbs on everything, especially any kind of seat, stool, or step, that can boost her to new heights and adventures. Also, she loves to follow me around and do anything I'm doing. Last week, I started to vacuum when all the sudden I looked behind me and she was pushing her little vacuum behind me. Every time I do anything she is my little mimic. I have to say, I eat this all up. My favorite was when I was painting my toe nails (which are already chipped!) and she plops down beside me and points to her toes. She sat super still and after wiggled them to show off their pretty pink. How fun is she?

Yesterday, she found her helmet, that is way to big for her still, and put it on her head and said "bi(ke)" and waddled over to Harris's bike. Aaron had to document this accomplishment as a proud papa and medical care provider. You see, bike safety is already ingrained in her little mind.

So, maybe I'm writing more to show off my darling girl and these cute pictures, but who would think children would grow so darn fast, my ever-living exclamation on this blog. The best is that she loves to watch movies of herself as a baby and we are not sure she knows it is her, even ones that were only taken a few weeks ago. It might be hard to watch kids grow up but, what is better than seeing them become so smart and curious. I remember why I hate/love this stage: they are into everything, yet, because of that, every day is a new adventure. Today's was that is is so amazing that water comes out of a garden hose (picture Anna looking down the hose)I have to admit, it is so much more fun to drink out of a hose than a regular old plastic cup, Anna thinks so too. Anyway I guess I'll let her grow up, but time better crawl.


matt and jenn said...

cute, cute, cute! They do grow up way too fast! at least we have photos and film to remember right?

StrykerLOVE said...

you should be bragging all the time about that cute anna - what a big girl since even last time I saw you guys!