Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Diapers work much better on

This morning I went to get Anna and found her sheet, her baby, her blanket, and her all wet, her unused diaper innocently lying in the middle of the pile. Yes, in a moment of stupidity I put my twenty month old girl asleep in a nightgown without anything to cover the said diaper. So we started things off quite soggy this morning. Anna exclaiming "PEE! PEE!" rounded out the whole equation. You see, after watching Elmo's Potty Time many, many times she now is educated on the terms to describe her waste. I ask her yesterday, after she has announced that #2 is on its way, if she would like to sit on the potty. "No, No." She replies nonchalantly. She is young and I really am not ready for the elusive potty training but, couldn't hurt to ask when she is so vocal about when she does her business. So, tonight it will be one-piece pajamas. That is, until she figures out how those work. Anna, if you want a water bed just tell me.


Jenn said...

I hate when they do that, Spook needs a onesie on or he'll put his hands down the back when he's poopy I guess cause it itches, yuck!

tacomama said...

That is so funny, Don't you love those moments. You've got such a beautiful family. I love her pretty hair & eyes.