Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Picture After 5 years

So, we finally had a family picture taken in lieu of all of A's family having theirs taken. Thank you Jenni. So now Harris looks like a grown-up kid and Anna is included. In all this I have been mourning my son's growing-up. Yet, last week he got strep throat and needed me. He wanted me to take care of him. Wanted is the key word. No-I can pour milk from the full gallon over my cereal and if I fall skateboarding it is the coolest thing ever. He felt crumby and I indulged holding his fevered head in my lap. For one moment he was that four year old again


My son says he is not little.
The word must leave the room
when he enters.
With his never-ending legs
he pushes that word
far from him.

Yet in fevered daze he calls me.
His constant azure eyes tell me.
He hasn’t tossed me aside or traded-up
but holds fast protecting a moment
when no one but me can see him
creep back to little .


Jenn said...

The Family pics did turn out great!!! see you saturday, oh how much do I owe you???

Jenn said...
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Jennymommy5 said...

What sweet family pics! I can't believe how big Harris is now. Anna is a little doll. You and Aaron still look young :)

StrykerLOVE said...

love the pics - jenni does such a great job!! and I love the poem - especially the first stanza (is that the word?) I loved the imagery of Harris 'pushing' the word little away and making it leave the room. Good job writer Kari. How did your race go?