Friday, September 5, 2008

Half Marathon Post, on request.

So, I did run a half-marathon. After Whitney telling me that she kept checking the blog to see how it all went, I decided maybe I should post about it. I'm not trying pass it off as an insignificant event. I just thought for most of you it would be quite bored to hear about my triumphs and weaknesses as a runner. So here are three observations I made while running the Salt Lake Half, last Saturday.

1. Runners like their tunes more now. This observance is not just from Saturday morning. Any running event I have attended for the past year all runners take the sounding of the start of the race as a queue to start their music. It is a bit amusing watch everyone put their ear phones in adjust the volume, and start running. I was missing the day of the pre-run chats. Nevertheless I had my tunes too and I was just as anxious to get in my zone. What do I listen to? Paul Simon, U2, Jack Johnson, The Beatles, Dolly Parton, Mozart, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a bunch of music that I have stolen from your blogs. Not actually downloaded from your blogs but, heard it, and said that would be interesting to run to. Thanks for the Suggestions.

2. My body likes uphill better than downhill. I love Emigration Canyon. I have spent many a good Saturday morning running up the way of the zoo then coasting down the cool, winding canyon. That was four years ago. Since then most my training has been flat comfortable surfaces. So, I was much more worried about making it through the first four miles of uphill than the last nine of downhill. I felt superwoman-esque when I saw the crest of the last hill and four mile marker, no walking just a nice steady pace. Much to my demise, after the next five miles of downhill my legs were complaining. My legs kept it up through the last four miles, making me run/walk miles 11 and 12, and kept it up three full days after the race.

3. I love Emigration Canyon. Even though I am still a bit soured by the downhill factor, I love Emigration Canyon. I love the shady corridors, the small creeks, the houses I could never afford, and the familiarity. I loved racing the sun to Little Mountain, where Aaron took me to my first star party. It's my old stomping grounds. The first place I ran ten miles, the only place I ran twenty. As I looked to the north, I could see the hill Aaron asked me to marry him on an Indian summer evening this same time of the year.

It all carried me to finish this race in 2 hr 8 min. Eight minutes past my goal but, there will be other races and I'll be waiting.


Jenn said...

I've been wondering how that went too. of course we are interested that is a big thing, and i'm glad you did it. way to go, I notice when i am thinking about something while I fun it goes so much faster.

Jenn said...

I meant while I run