Friday, September 19, 2008

I got the better end of the deal


Thank you for letting me be a mom. I was sitting with Anna in her rocking chair, after calming her ever-running tears and realized I definitely have the better deal. Here I am holding the most scrumptious girl in the world with her mess of blond curls against me. What could be better? I get to hear her talk and sympathize with the pictures in her book and listen to her melodious giggle. At the library I watch her strut up to the checkout desk with her Elmo CD and assurance in tow.. I get to watch her say, "see ya," to the clerk at the grocery store. I' m privileged enough to be able to calm her down, that is a bounteous reward. The best part of all of this is it is the second time around. So, I still get to be home when he walks in the door full of tales and jokes. I get to see him struggle then triumph. He even teaches me a thing or two. Sometimes, I even get to be a fly on the wall and see the secret interaction of eight and nine year old boys. I take the kids to the park, to the church to play basketball. I discover great running trails and places of solitude. Then after the day is done, I get to write it all down. I know it must seem unfair but, I am glad that you put up with cranky patients for me. So as I embrace my motherhood, I thank you for loving me enough to give me this gift.


Debbi said...

I totally agree that we got the better end of the deal. I can't imagine giving this up. Your post brought tears to my eyes, I love the reminder. We are very blessed.

Kate said...

thats a good way to think about it, sometime I forget about the good things and focus on the constant fighting and crying and well you get my point, I need to focus on the good not the bad:)