Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ready for Launch?

Last Night was pack meeting. It was the all anticipated Rocket Derby. So, for this past month scouts and dads alike surfed the internet trying to find the secrets to making the best rocket, Aaron (and Harris) leading the way. Disappointed, there is a lot more to be said about the Pinewood Derby that the space derby. So, Aaron and Harris did their best to make theirs (yes 'theirs', never forget with events like this, the dads are as interested as much or more that the scouts are) the most aerodynamic. For those of you who don't know, the rocket is propelled along a wire by the force that is given from rubber bands unwinding and turning the propellers. So the key is to wind the bands as tightly as possible with out breaking them. One dad had gone so far as creating a winder out of a coat hanger and a drill. It was found to be the best method to getting the rockets to go the furthest. See what I mean, this dad and others, including my own hubby, are so in to these things. I remember my dad drilling his hand when working on one of my brothers pinewood derbys. It had something to do with putting lead to weigh it down in the bottom making it go faster. Luckily, we had no trips to the emergency room. What we do to see our kids succeed. So after sandings, painting, and greasing up the rubber bands with soap they were ready. 1st heats: Harris' rocket went the furthest. Finals: Harris's Rocket had a malfunction. Fooling around after: Harris's went further than any rocket had gone the whole night. A little disappointed, he still got the award for the fastest rocket. Also, he got his wolf badge. Yea Harris! I can't believe we'll be celebrating big number nine here soon.

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Jenn said...

sounds fun I'm sure Matt will be way into that when the time comes! Hey I forwarded your email to laura and Krystal, I don't have an email for Kathie though. the cooking blog sound fun, i'm just not sure I have anything to post, I can't wait to get that General whatever chineese dish you made for FHE a while back, that was yummy!