Monday, June 2, 2008

long blog

I have to apologize, at least to myself, for missing a blog for last week. I had to take a break. My week was just to darn packed with stuff. Stuff that consisted of looking for a new car and keeping up with my other duties. I have to say, I am so grateful for Aaron's car. It has done its job. Needless to say, it is on its way out, or that is what we keep on thinking is going to happen for the past six months. So, I put everything on hold to do some serious car looking on Monday and Tuesday. I hate used car shopping. We have been so excited to finally have our CR-V paid off that we have enjoyed the freedom of no car payment a little too much. So, trying to find a car we can pay cash for and will run for a while has become a bit of a challenge.
After lead after lead (thanks going no where I decided to take a break from that and get a tooth pulled. A quick note: between babies and not having six of my permanent teeth, I have had my share of dental work done. We are hoping that the placement of this last bridge will be the finale. So, Thursday I had my tooth pulled and felt great. I really felt fine. I hate feeling doped up and nauseous on pain pills, so I was ecstatic that ibuprofen did the trick. That was until Sunday morning when I woke up sore. I took some more Advil and that took care of things until that night. I got so sore. So, I went into the dentist (not the one who pulled the tooth or the dentist I regularly see) to find out that there is still one root of the tooth still up there. Which could be o.k., he tells me they do it all the time. The bad news is that they couldn't do my bridge prep work due to how tender the space is. Now I have to go around with a big toothless gap in my mouth for four weeks. They also put me on antibiotics as a precaution. As I leave the dentist with Anna on my hip, I realize that it stings more then hurts. When we get to the car, I take a look in my mouth and see a gigantic canker sore where I had said tooth. Being a little frustrated with the dentist, I call Aaron. He reassures me that it is easily taken care of with topical stuff, which is true as I feel much better today. I love my personal physician!
Sorry for all the rambling, it seems I am again entering a week with unscheduled incidents and appointments. So, excuse the uncreative selfish blog. I just had to vent my frustrations somewhere.

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