Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beauty can be Painful

Have I really become one of those moms? You know the ones that go to any length to get their daughter's hair looking perfect? Most of the time gussying up Anna is a simple task. A little water to make it curl up and maybe a clip or bow to sweep back those slow growing bangs. Once in a while I get a little crazy and I decide to do ponytails. Today was one of those days. So as Anna sat and watched Barney, I secured her hair in two tiny tails, very cute indeed. She pulled the right one out twice and while I was fixing that side for the second time she pulled the left side out. So, I quickly redid the left side with no qualms or squawks from our little princess. This is the girl who thinks sunscreen is make-up and acts if she is Marilyn Monroe as I apply it. She loves being stylish.

Of course after nap time she wakes up having pulled both ponies out and her hair was a nice lion's mane framing her face. So, I put her in her high chair to re-do her hair, while she is eating popcorn, and as soon as I start fixing the right side she pulls my hand down and screams. I wasn't about to let her win this battle of wills so, I didn't give in. After much head shaking and little girl wails, I finally secured two pretty ponies atop her head. I kept thinking, "Anna, this is the price you pay for being a girl. Beauty isn't painless."

Now the guilt has set i. Why is that an eighteen month old girl can make me pause and adore her with brownie smeared all over her face or pause with warm flutters inside as she snuggles up to Aaron with morning hair and droopy eyes? Yet, I feel the need to implore her to hold still so I can pull her hair neat and tight. Maybe letting her be a little Au natural is O.K. even if she could be Simba's cousin.


Jenn said...

What a cutie! She looks adorable with her little headbands and clips, but sometimes pigtails are just too cute to pass up. I made and still make Kate wear them all the time. poor girl she screams when i accidentaly pull the little hairs around her hairline.

Debbi said...

HA! I love the screaming pictures. I really would have no idea what to do with a girl! I love the piggies!

Jennymommy5 said...

She is so cute! I love doing Hailey's hair only now that she is bigger she fights me more ;)