Monday, June 23, 2008

I got Tagged!

Jenn, I feel so loved! The two big 0's next to the comments the last two weeks seem invisible.
What is his name? ~ David Aaron, Aaron, Aar, Honey, Smoochems, How long have you been together? ~ married ten and a half years, togetther a year and three months before thatHow long did you date? ~ one year…three months of me in Rexburg (I once got a lovely potato poem from Aaron), three months of him in Washington D.C( the miracle of e-mail was still young and exciting at this time)…the heart definitely grows fonder.How old is he? ~ a smokin’ hot 34 years oldWho eats more? ~ Aaron. No contest. Who said I love you first? ~ me, luckily it was returnedWho is taller? ~ Are you kidding, Aaron Who is smarter? ~ Of course me, what a silly question. lol. Aaron is a genius and definitely outwits me…most of the timeWho does the dishes? ~Mostly me but, on Sunday Aaron always does to his infamous ‘dish doin’ music.Who pays the bills? ~ Me. He earns it , I spend it.Who mows the lawn? ~He always does. I did fertilize the lawn once.
Who cooks dinner? ~ Me! Yet, I love coming home from a long run with Huevos Rancheros or some other breakfast treat waiting for me. Thanks babe.Who kissed who first? ~ Aaron but I soon followed.Who asked who out first? ~ I think Aaron did, although I don’t think I knew that until a month later.
Who proposed? ~ He did with a bit of gentle nudgingWho has more siblings? ~ we are equal on this eight kids eachWho wears the pants? ~ We both wear pants but sometimes I like to wear a skirt or a dress, depends on my mood.
Thanks for putting up with me babe. Even if my FHE lessons are a bit girly. Love You Always!
O.k so who do I tag? Since I was tagged by one of two people who actually read my blog, and the other is on hiatus. Anyone who drops by is tagged. Sorry, this is a little cruel but, I’m sure you’ll


Debbi said...

How fun to read! I love tags, Kari! My favorite is parts are: you did fertilize the yard once, the part about he makes it, you spend it and pay it, and that you wear a skirt depending on your mood. You are so witty! Cute!

Jenn said...

you are hilarious!!! sometimes I wear a skirt! I love you, I'm so glad your my great sister in law!