Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summers Here, School's Out?

So, I'm sitting at the computer a few days ago and here the neighborhood kids screaming and giggling on their trampoline. I think, that's funny, shouldn't they be in school? The neighbor girl comes over when Anna and I our out and asks if Anna can play (push her around in the stroller and dote on her). I about ask her why she isn't at school then I realize, oh it's time for summer vacation for all those lucky children who aren't in year-round school. So, I am know having dilemmas. Since half our neighborhood goes to the one or another charter school and a lucky few are already done with their track assignment, Harris is partially thinking it is time for summer.

Example A: (this is probably more weather related really) We are moistening the garden the other day and it is about 55 degrees out. He grabs the hose and points it at me and Anna. Anna loves it, she has no sense of being too cold, being soggy is to enjoyable. I, on the other hand, don't enjoy shivering. Harris says, "Mom, it's summer."

Example B: Our lovely extended daylight savings time has again stretched the hours of light to forever. 9:30 to be exact. We go outside one night and Harris is doing his famous flip with his scooter. Let me clarify: the scooter flips not him. About 8:10, thinking I'm such a generous mom, I yell to Harris it is time to come home, tomorrow's a school day. As the rest of the boys continue playing, Harris mopes up the driveway and says, "It's summer, Mom."

Example C: My family goes camping this week and my parents have scheduled the camping spots from Thursday to Saturday. So, we will head up Friday at Five. As long as no one has an urgent need at A's clinic. I would like to say, "But Mom, School District, Neighborhood Clinic, It's summer!"

Thank goodness for the spectrum program and Harris switching to traditional schedule. All the testing and form-filling out is worth having a normal summer. So, next year I won't have my boy shooting jealous darts at the kids who already done or counting down the days until he can realistically say, "Mom, it's summer."

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