Friday, July 11, 2008

The Freedom to March

Don't be fooled! I am not some big protester. Aaron, Harris, Anna, and I are not about to go and march up the capital steps to protest the war, teacher salaries or something like that. I love a parade but, didn't really feel like going to sitting on black asphalt soaking in the hot sun on the fourth. So, we had our own march. Aaron and Harris have been marching for years. Aaron cranks up the patriotic tunes and they march in small circles in the living room, carrying my mop and broom over their shoulders for some reason. In fact, after Harris's first experience with marching when he was two, HE and Aaron marched almost every Saturday. As this tall thin boy marched with a straight back and brave spirit, I couldn't believe he was the same boy who was so full of jubilance at the prospect of marching. Now we have new marcher, Miss Anna and boy, does she have patriotic spirit in her blood. The funny thing is that her favorite song is the Animaniac's Presidents song. She lifts her short legs so high I was a bit afraid she would fall down with each step. The best part is that we can do this, of course in the privacy of our own home. It seems with all that is going on right now it is hard to find that little peaceful place that freedom can create. Yet, as my children and husband paraded around my living room I found myself in that safe place.

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Jenn said...

sounds like you guys celebrated our nations birth very well. I think our hubbys must have grown up in a very patriotic family, we generally read up on the history of it all, we even watched a movie about john adams last night and the night before and there are still 2 discs left! what patriotic men we married