Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The almost two crowd

Anna and Harris have been blessed with lots of cousins. It is guaranteed when you parents each have seven siblings, right? So, although Harris hangs a head plus taller than the rest of his cousins on A's side, Anna finds herself with three buddies her same age. There are some draw backs, though. Grandma soon discovered having two babies for three baby-toting girls wouldn't work. So, at the family party a purple outfitted doll joined the blue and pink ones. Now all three girls had a doll to tote and now fits of raging jealousy. So with that taken care of, thank you grandma, all girls were fine.

Anna has a little friend next door, Ellie, she called her "Baby" up to a week ago and now its "E-E." We go outside she begs to see baby, I take her out of the car she jets across the lawn to see what E-E's up to. It could be said that she adores her. Yet, as soon as they are let loose in close vicinity screams thunder, tears roll, hair is pulled, toys taken away, and an all out girl fight begins. So, it is more refereeing on my part than adoring my cute little girl and her friend playing ring around the rosies and sharing. Yet, after all the trauma, the next day Anna wants to start the whole routine again.

So, we laughed all week, knowing of how well Anna 'plays' when she would repeat "La-ya," her cousin's name, constantly. Yet, maybe it was because it was family, Anna and Lania spent most of the time mirroring each other and yelling their names across the room with great adoration. Yes, and I did sit back and watch them play ring around the rosies with out one strand of hair being touched. We came close to a screaming match but, Anna was quick to tell Lania that the purple doll she was holding was "Nanna"'s and Lania decided that the pink doll she had was good enough.
Just wait until they all want the pink doll.

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