Thursday, July 31, 2008


(this is the ocean in April. Do to technical difficulties, we have no Bear Lake pictures)

Anna looks outside and sees the sprinklers on. Her brown eyes give a telling smile, "wimming!'

Harris wakes up Anna as she notices me getting her swimsuit out and shouts, "yea! Wimming!"

We arrive at Bear Lake and something in her mind tells her it is time for "wimming" as she starts to pull her sun dress off but, it seems to get stuckon her chin.

We are eating dinner with my family and unrestrained Anna starts wandering down the sidewalk towards the lake. "Anna, where are you going?" I say. "Wimming," she answers.

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Jenn said...

My kids love swimming too, but spook has no word for it yet he just grunts and points! kids are great! you got any family pics yet?? I am so excited to see them!!!