Monday, November 10, 2008

Aaron, of course

So today's post is easy. I mean how can I not be grateful for my spouse? Here are 35 things I love about you.

1. That you share the same birthday as Tracy Morgan (30 Rock). I found this out listening to NPR on the way to the gym. He's forty. I hope that makes you feel better.
2. Your obsession of always having ice in the house. Yes, I did remember to fill the ice trays today.
3. You like to fly fish and tie flies. I wish that Saturday mornings could be twice as long as they are. Plan on Saturday, babe.
4. How Anna adores you.
5. How Harris idolizes you.
6. That you giggle with me at silly things on the Office and 30 Rock.
7. That even when the missionaries call at 6:00 p.m. on a Saturday night when we have planned to watch a movie, you still go with them. You are dutiful, ward mission leader.
8.Your dimples.
9. That you constantly obsess about your hairline. Even though it is receeding, it is much slower than I expected ;>.
10. Tickles and tackles.
11. How Anna just lays on your chest and falls asleep. Its the secret daddy hold for sure.
12. You love rain.
13. Holding your hand.
14. Kissing you after my shower.
15. How you endured mowing the lawn for two summers with a broken down lawn mower.
16. That you, and almost only you, read my blog, and love it.
17. That you give my dictionaries for Mother's Day.
18. That you endure that I am impossible to shop for due to my ever-changing moods and tastes.
19. You worry about your patients.
20. How you crinkle the back of your neck every time I scratch it.
21. I always find you reading Robert Frost at the end of October.
22. Those flecks of gray in your eyes.
23. How you put up with all my need to create in the kitchen even though a plate of spaghetti suits you just fine.
24. Tigers
25. How you feel a bit sad when I take the kids to the museum or zoo during the week and you can't go too.
26. How you think I am the best dancer in the world when, the only audience I have is you, Harris, Anna and the walls of our house.
28. That you bring home the bacon, and you laughed at my silly note pad we had a few years back that stated that with a picture of a pig in a shopping cart.
29. That you sing hymns with us at FHE.
30. The side of you that wants to know more about obscure algorithms and such.
31. That you listen to me go on and on...and on about how Anna's potty training is going even though you don't need to know every detail of every trip to the potty.
32. Your love of fresh carrots from the garden.
33. That even when you got home late you would always kiss me and then go talk to Harris before you even ate your dinner.
34. You reading in your hammock.
35. I feel like this list is too short. I want to continue going. But, to stay in the theme I will stop and save the rest of my thoughts for another time. The last one is that you are you. I think of the last eleven years and I feel that I have changed, without you asking me too, into a better woman because you married me.

Love You!


Jenn said...

I feel like Matt and Aaron are so much alike in so many ways, like fishing and reading books to get them in the mood for seasons, and one night I was reading in bed and matt was already asleep and he suddenly sits up and grabs a ruler and pen and paper and spends a few hours trying to trisect an angle. I thought he was crazy, but Aaron might understand. Brothers!

Jenn said...

and just so you know I love reading your blog too!