Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today your memory floods my thoughts. I remember sitting on your couch just married as you "interviewed" Aaron. Two things I learned that day: How you faithfully adored Grandma, even after she was gone. How you faithfully served this country. You told us how you signed up as soon as America joined in the war. You were older than most, but knew your duty was to your Country. I lack complete comprehension of what you saw there and went through. Some of our generation reflects this lack. Yet, your honor sustains in my memory. Your deep brown eyes carried those things, declaring them to the world, bringing deeper insight, at least those of us who knew you. I suspect that Grandma saw that. Today I was bombarded by those eyes. Instead of letting today just be a speed bump between Halloween and Thanksgiving, it forced me to stop and remember you. As I help mold your namesake, I see your love of country in him as he honors the flag. Somethings don't stop at death.
~In Memory of Paul Harris Murdoch 1919-2000

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