Thursday, November 13, 2008

School Lunch

Today was "lunch with someone grand" at H's school. I was the proud recipient of the "grand" invite. Cafeteria's always smell the same, even though most of the food is not prepared there. The routine is still the same accompanied by the same interesting set of rules. When I was in elementary school we had a traffic light to tell us if the "noise volume" was too high. Harris quickly introduced Anna and I to the rules of his school. 1. You sit on the stage steps as you wait in line, so others can pass by. 2. The card at your assigned table has two sides. When it is turned to green, you can go out to play. 3. No fancy traffic lights here, if it gets too loud the lights just go off. We sat by a bunch of extremely smart and talkative girls in his class. I love third graders. The are so opinionated even if their opinions are merely a reflection of the trusting adults in their lives. Also, at least the girls, they will tell you their who life story in the first thirty seconds of meeting them. By the time lunch was done a felt like I had four new best friends under four and a half feet. The best thing was that I might embarrass Harris when I "accidentally" give him a one arm hug, but Anna's visit is prize worthy.He made sure that she knew where to sit (in between him and me), what door to go out to recess(leading her out by the hand) , and how to act in the halls. Yea, he likes her, maybe even more than his secret crush.

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