Monday, December 15, 2008

Anna Banana Banu

So, you decided to do it against all my warnings and pleadings. You are now two. Yes, you decided that it was o.k. for you to double your age and in a year, grow a whole head of curly hair, learn to somersault, pee in the toilet (not poop) and sing, "Happy Birthday to me" all through Target. Just so you know, I hold a smidgen of a grudge towards you for this display of regular growth. How is it that you were still not walking last year at this time, and I was more than o.k. with that, and today you bounded through the snow with ease? When did you decide it was o.k. to not even let out a little sympathetic yelp when I leave you at nursery? Why did you have to learn to take your clothes off, not putting them back on, when you were just my little dolly to dress and gussy up? Now, when you want clothes on, they must match your qualifications. Clothing Color of choice: pink or yellow..maybe purple. Haven't I warned you and your brother enough that I will have to start administering my anti-growth elixir if you don't just slow down? Of my two children I though you would listen to me, my shadow. If I was to let on how much I cherish the prime seat I sit in as I watch you grow. I give up. If needs be grow at a snails pace. Just remember to always want to give your daddy a "big hug" when he comes home, always call Harris "bro-bro" and never, no never, call Pluto anything other than Bee-Bo.


Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to ANNA yesterday, did she have a good day? Tell her Happy bday from auntie Jenn:)

Jeep said...

Happy birthday Anna! I can't believe she's 2 already. Give her a hug from Uncle Jake and Aunt Lindsay.