Tuesday, December 9, 2008


After blogging constantly in November, I took a much needed hiatus last week. Not that I don't love blogging, I do, but outside forces kept me from taking the time to sit and write. Here is what I have been doing: Cleaning up throw-up, having sparks of panic erupt every time Anna says "throw-up" and then spits in my hand (how do you explain that throwing up is not an appropriate pretend game?), feeling the permanent nausea cloud that hoovered over our house (I think it has finally lifted), Christmas shopped (sorry Dad, Jake, Walmart online saved the day), cleaned up vomited-on car seat for the second time, ran 32 laps (3.5 mi) at the gym on my birthday in commemoration of my new appointed age, had dinner, roses, and chocolate waiting on my return(I am sooo spoiled), looked at several running watches online trying to decide which one would do everything and cost next to nothing, took Anna to PCMC ophthalmology, got her eyes dilated("drops in eyes"), found out she needs pecs, went to Body Works with Aaron, spent Friday trying to figure out how to purchase said glasses that fit, won't break, and are insured, found out that Anna would much rather look at Santa then sit on his lap, went to the Festival, ran again while figuring out what to get Aaron for Christmas, finally moped my kitchen floor, went to H's last b-ball game, made gingerbread, watched Psych, made calls, went to church, constructed gingerbread house, and sat down to write it all down.

I know, I know a big laundry list is no fun to read. Yet, this is what occupied my break from blogging. Now with the keyboard chattering awayunder my fingertips, I am glad for the homecoming.


Jenn said...

there is just too much to do in life!

tacomama said...

You are so fantastic. You have such a beautiful family. Happy late Birthday.
P.S. send some of the slow groth elixr I need it desperately.

Jeep said...

You shopped at Vol-de-Mart!? I knew something felt wrong that day. Oh well, at least you didn't have to actually go into the store.