Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rounding it Out

Although I am a bit short on Thankful posts, I am indeed grateful that I did this. It has made me indulge in my everyday life. Whether it is Anna's cute talk and bounteous personality, Harris's wise view of the world and jovial spirit, or Aaron's constant companionship I feel blessed. Of all I have learned from this exercise one thing stands out: I like my life. It might include cleaning up too much, explaining to a uncomprehending toddler the reason why cranberry juice must stay in the kitchen, extinguishing the temper tantrum after said explanation, trying to figure out crazy third grade math problems, and letting said third grader grow up. It is all good by me because I've got it good.
For your viewing, and reading, pleasure I have included some pics and description of Thanksgiving this year, enjoy.

The morning started off with my favorite Thanksgiving Race the Cold Turkey in City Creek. Whitney and I had a great time and it was so fun. Speaking of great time, my time was great.

Then I rushed home and made my mom's broccoli, cheese and rice casserole, so Aaron could bask in the aroma of the onions and butter as he watched the Macy's Parade. Ahh, brings back those childhood memories.
No, we didn't eat him for dinner, but don't you want too? I couldn't believe this was the same baby Roy I say in the hospital.

When we arrived at A's parents, They seemed to announce our arrival by bringing out the turkey. What a beaut! The best thing about this picture is the pan that A's Grandpa welded to hold an enormous turkey, this one was almost 24 pounds (I think some of Anna's same age cousins don't even out-weigh that turkey.)

Here's a shot of Grandpa making the gravy, his contribution every year.

Anna took to Su Yoong (sp?). She also loved playing with Lania. The only thing was that their favorite game was peeking in on their same age cousin, Savy, who was sleeping and saying their best two year old whisper yells "Shh! Savy Sleepin'."

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