Friday, January 16, 2009

For the Sake of Being Me

There was time that I had a curly hair…years, stress, changing hormones and babies(yes them too) have pulled it straight, onye a little flip lingers.
I used to blog about what we did as a family, not just my daily musings. I have gotten a bit selfish. I like to trick myself into thinking I am cjane or nie nie, that you (all four of you) awake with the thought that you must rush to my blog and eat my nurishing
and vitamin packed words for breakfast, if only I was that consistent. Yet, I was forgetting the most important part:

We went to the Airforce museum. Anna was scared of the airman’s masks, Harris was engrossed in all things Airforce and I fretted inside myself thst he would want to become one of those scary airmen. There were big planes that held hundreds of men and a stage that Anna strutted her stuff on.
Most off all, we were all together and as I took Aaron’s hand I realized, I am grateful for this part of me that takes my kids to the museum and holds my husband's hand, even kisses him, in public places.Not just because the admission is free, but because it is another brick set in my house of memories.
Our outing like my curly hair is over, more bricks added and now thoughts seal them in place. Yet, our trip, unlike my curly hair has a resting spot here. Both can coexist here in harmony. One cannot be created with out the other. It is what this blog and me are made of.


Davis Family 5 said...

Yes, I do need the nourishment of your musings. Can I add you to my blog roll? Let me know :)

Jenn said...

are you telling me you want a perm??? ha ha, I love to read your blog its one of my favorites.