Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So, I am jealous

Attention: all non-runners, non-adrenaline seekers this entry contains intense stuff that you might find on the bit of the nauseating side.
In my usual blog lurking and addictive facebook behavior, I have learned of many, many people who have actually ran the Wasatch Back, Ragnar, crazy person race. At first my though was, Are you crazy? Running is great, Really great, I am in love with it. Nevertheless, who wants to run a hard uphill calf-tightening run and then four hours later run again, and then again? I do. It is way, I mean way too late to sign up, and for that manner train, for this incredible adrenalin junky race but, I taste it. Even as I ran my measly four miles, I could see myself running through mountain passes and getting toner and speedy as I went. Then at the end there was my lovely family waiting to embrace my sweat soaked body, lovely. So Who's in for 2010? I definitely am, at least for today. For more of my deep jealousies stay tuned. They include: those of you who still look like you just flung their high school graduation hat 13 years after the fact, hips and all; those of you who can blow dry your hair in ten minutes flat, maybe it will happen now with my great new hair by Jen, (t, I love it!); and those of you who live closer to IKEA.


Jennymommy5 said...

I would love to run it too. Last year my sister Leslie ran with a team. Maybe next year we should run as a team :)

Melissa said...

Just this last Sunday, someone in my ward invited me to run the Texas Ragnar with them. I am seriously considering it. It looks hard, but tons of fun!